January 29, 2008

Box Office Update 1/25-1/27: Meet the Spartans Was Number One and I Want to Cry

As I took a look at this week's top ten, I wanted to break down and cry. Seriously, I was shocked, surprised, and saddened by the film I saw at atop the list. Now, I am not usually the movie snob type, but when something like Meet the Spartans is the box office champ of any weekend, it is a sad day for anyone who truly loves movies. No, I have not seen it, and unless anyone is willing to front me the money, I am not likely to see it. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised, it is in line with last years Epic Movie, and before that Date Movie. It's no wonder they keep letting these guys make movies.

Coming in a close second is the fourth entry in the Rambo franchise. It also happens to be the best since the original 1982 film, much like Rocky Balboa was for the Rocky franchise. In both cases Sylvester Stallone not only starred, but also wrote and directed. This Rambo is easily one of the most violent and bloody films to hit the big screen in some time. It may be a bit thin on story, but I believe it is a bit deeper than it will get credit for. Anyway, this is definitely one to experience on the big screen.

There was one other new release that was able to crack the top ten. The Diane Lane thriller Untraceable opened in fifth place with more than $11 million. The film brought to mind the sensibilities of Saw and Seven while casting a mirror back on current society. It was a pretty good film and looks to do well on the word of mouth circuit.

One final new entry did manage to make its presence known. There Will Be Blood expanded by nearly 500 theaters in its fifth weekend, and thus moved from eleventh to ninth. Based on the strong critical acclaim it looks like it will be on its way to a nice theatrical run, especially when it goes into full wide release next week. It is definitely an experience, led by the powerhouse performance by Daniel Day-Lewis.

Among the returning films Cloverfield took a steep hit as it fell to fourth place with a 68% drop. I cannot say that it was unexpected. I loved the film, but it is definitely a love it or hate it kind of movie. At the other end of the spectrum, Juno saw its take increase despite dropping 100 theaters. It truly is the little movie that could as its total take has now crossed the $100 million mark.

Next week will see new competition from the latest J-horror remake The Eye starring Jessica Alba (here's hoping it's better than One Missed Call), the Eva Longoria comedy Over Her Dead Body, and Strange Wilderness from Happy Madison Productions. Opening in more limited release is Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour.

Four movies dropped off the top ten this week: Alvin and the Chipmunks (11), Atonement (13), First Sunday (14), and I Am Legend (17).

This WeekLast WeekTitleWknd GrossOverallWeek in release
1NMeet the Spartans$18,505,530$18,505,5301
3227 Dresses$13,360,535$45,107,8892
63The Bucket List$10,532,406$58,006,4495
87National Treasure: Book of Secrets$4,916,131$205,672,7386
911There Will Be Blood$4,869,383$14,746,6445
106Mad Money$4,578,394$15,252,5682

Box Office Predictions Recap
I am sure by now you know how I feel about the actual number one film, I felt dirty even placing it at number 4. Anyway, my placements were all over the map, with How She Move the most egregiously overestimated. Perhaps Step Up 2 will be the dance hit of '08. As for my dollar predictions, they were all pretty close, with that one small exception anyway.

Here is how the field matched up:

ActualPredictionTitleWknd GrossPrediction
21Rambo$18,203,876$21 million
42Cloverfield$12,712,134$19 million
3327 Dresses$13,360,535$13.5 million
14Meet the Spartans$18,505,530$10 million


$11,354,069$9 million
66The Bucket List$10,532,406$8 million
127How She Move$3,957,471$7.5 million
78Juno$10,151,100$7 million
109Mad Money$4,578,394$4.5 million
810National Treasure: Book of Secrets$4,916,131$4 million


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