January 22, 2008

DVD Pick of the Week: Saw IV

Welcome back to your one-stop spot for all the DVD releases of interest. Well, the releases that I feel like writing about anyway. This week is pretty dreadful when it comes to worthwhile releases. At least last week had Family Guy: Blue Harvest. Frankly, I had a hard time in my attempt to boil it down to one choice. I was successful in making a choice, although it was because I was either unfamiliar or did not want to choose the other potential choices for the week. What does that tell you? I can only hope that next week features a more potent line-up from which to choose from.

This week's pick is none other than the latest exercise in bloodletting from the minds behind the Saw franchise. No longer in the hands of co-creator James Wan, he left when the getting was good and has made attempts in new directions with the likes of Dead Silence and Death Sentence. Darren Lynn Bousman is the director of choice behind the sequels, and has apparently garnered enough power to have the "A Film by" credit tacked onto the beginning, despite these being his only features.

Sounds like I'm not much of a fan, huh? Well, yes and no. I feel that the movies are getting a little too clever for their own good as they go through all sorts of contortions to force square pegs into round holes. After awhile the gymnastics become tiresome. However, there is the allure and the promise of blood. If you enjoy some gore, death, and general cruelty, this may be the one for you, especially if you enjoyed the first three.

The film is being released in both rated and unrated versions and will include a number of features. The bonus material include: audio commentaries, a director's diary, a Traps of Saw IV featurette, and a Props of Saw IV featurette.

Also out this week:
  • Torchwood: The Complete First Season. This spin off of Dr. Who has garnered very good word, but I have not seen any of the episodes. Here is my chance.
  • The Game Plan. Dwayne Johnson does a fine job leading the charge in this family friendly comedy.
  • Sydney White. Amanda Bynes plays the lead in this new take on Snow White. Guess what? It is actually pretty decent.
  • The Hunting Party. Richard Gere and Terrence Howard star in this drama that i have not yet seen.
  • Swamp Thing: The Series. Big green guy fights injustice from the swamps.
  • Fatal Contact. Newest entry in The Weinstein Company's Dragon Dynasty line.


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