January 22, 2008

Box Office Update 1/18-1/20: Cloverfield Storms the Charts

Is anyone surprised? Seriously. Anyone? Cloverfield dominated the box office over the weekend. The monster/disaster flick scavenged north of $40 million on its way to setting a new January opening record, besting Star Wars (Special Edition) ($35 million) and Black Hawk Down ($28 million). It also set a new Martin Luther King Day 4 day weekend record with an estimated $46 million, besting Titanic's $36 million haul back in 1997. However you want to look at it, Cloverfield had a monstrous opening and has become the first blockbuster of the new year and likely the first to top the $100 million mark. For the record, I loved the film.

Cloverfield's nearest competitor is the Katherine Heigl romantic vehicle, 27 Dresses. It took in an estimated $22.7 million, helping secure Heigl's big screen status. Following the success of this film and last summer's Knocked Up, how long will it be before she jumps from the Grey's Anatomy ship to make features full time? I don't know, it is just a thought that it could come down the line, especially if she gets another hit or two under her belt. The film is fun and formulaic and played well as counter programming to the male-centric audience of Cloverfield.

There was one other new release hitting the top ten, but you have to go all the way to seventh place to find it. That film is none other than Mad Money, a comedy/heist film featuring the talents of Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah, and Katie Holmes. It proved to have little interest as it worked its way to $7.6 million. I cannot say that it is a good film, but I am sure it will find a small audience.

As for the rest of the top ten, all of them exhibited pretty strong holds, except for First Sunday which slipped 56%. Among the top return holds Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Bucket List, and Juno slipped well under the 30% mark. Then there is Atonement which saw a near 13% increase from last week.

Next week will see new competition arrive from How She Move, Rambo, Untraceable, and (shudder) Meet the Spartans. Also, Michael Clayton and No Country for Old Men return to theaters for the build up to the Academy Awards.

Three movies dropped off the top ten this week: One Missed Call (12), The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything (13), and PS I Love You (16).

Final figures were not available at the time of writing, this is based on studio estimates.
This WeekLast WeekTitleWknd GrossOverallWeek in release
2N27 Dresses$22,750,000$22,750,0001
31The Bucket List$14,010,000$41,569,0004
52First Sunday$7,800,000$28,466,0002
64National Treasure: Book of Secrets$7,609,000$197,492,0005
7NMad Money$7,600,000$7,600,0001
85Alvin and the Chipmunks$6,900,000$196,280,0006
96I Am Legend$4,870,000$247,447,0006

Box Office Predictions Recap
Pretty good guesses this week, for the most part. Of course, it was pretty easy to guess the top two. I guess my biggest problem was predicting Mad Money to finish so high. For some reason I thought that particular combination of stars would draw slightly stronger than it did. Still, I did manage to nail half of the top ten as well as get a number of the gross predictions in the ballpark.

Here is how the field matched up:

ActualPredictionTitleWknd GrossPrediction
11Cloverfield$40,037,000$42 million
2227 Dresses$22,750,000$21 million
33The Bucket List$14,010,000$13 million
74Mad Money$7,600,000$11 million

First Sunday

$7,800,000$9 million
46Juno$9,925,000$8 million
67National Treasure: Book of Secrets$7,609,000$6 million
88Alvin and the Chipmunks$6,900,000$4 million
99I Am Legend$4,870,000$4 million
1210One Missed Call$2,875,000$3 million


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