September 28, 2007

TV Premiere Week: 9/30-10/6 (Plus the Leftovers)

Last week saw the the busy middle week of premieres for the new television season. This week slows down a bit, in terms of volume of premieres, but we will have to deal with new shows conflicting with the ones we are attempting to build relationships with. However you want to slice it, young television seasons are always a busy time filled with uncertainty. Will our returning favorites welcome us back? Will the new shows dazzle us enough to get us to cheat? Will you be like me and try to absorb as much as you can in addition to feeding a movie and music addiction? So many shows, so little time.....

Anyway, here is my personal preview/thoughts on this week's premieres. Below that are the remaining shows that will be premiering through the end of the month, barring any unforeseen circumstances.


  • Kicking off the evening is a show that I have no interest in, and therefore don't have much to say. That show is Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. (ABC 8:00)
  • I really liked the first season of Desperate Housewives, I lost interest early in the second season. I cannot point to any one reason other than just a plain lack of interest. I found myself not caring. (ABC 9:00)
  • American Dad started off as Family Guy's weak little brother, but it has grown. Now it more than holds its own as a goofy cartoon. (Fox 9:30)
  • Brothers & Sisters came out a winner at the recent Emmy awards. Sally Field walked away with the statue for Best Actress in a Drama. I watched the premiere last year, wasn't interested and I never looked back. (ABC 10:00)


  • Now here is a show that I can get behind, Everybody Hates Chris is a fantastic comedy that the whole family can enjoy. Regardless of whether or not you like Chris Rock, it does not matter. This series is well acted, well written, and genuinely funny. (CW 8:00)
  • Not sure if I'm going to like this one, but I am willing to give it a shot. Aliens in America is about a family that welcomes an exchange student from the Middle East. (CW 8:30)
  • Never had much interest in Girlfriends. (CW 9:00)
  • The Game: see above. (CW 9:30)


  • I think I am going to have to watch Cavemen out of sheer morbid curiosity. I cannot imagine that this will be successful. A sitcom based on a series of popular commercials about cavemen in the modern world. I suspect this will not last long. (ABC 8:00)
  • I cannot say I have much higher hope for Carpoolers. This one has a cast that features Fred Goss, Jerry O'Connell, and Allison Munn. It is about a group of friends who carpool to work. (ABC 8:30)


  • Of the new series that are premiering this week, Pushing Daisies is my most highly anticipated. The concept is interesting, and the clips I have seen look promising. It is about a man who can resurrect the dead by touching them, but they die again when touched a second time. He uses his ability to collect rewards for those people who have been murdered. There is more to it and I look forward to seeing it. (ABC 8:00)


  • 30 Rock won the Emmy for Best Comedy Series. Frankly, I was surprised that it did, but after rewatching season one I am that much more excited for season two. The show is funny, quirky, and stands apart from the standard sitcom. (NBC 8:30)
  • Entering its third season Supernatural continues to impress through its first two. It's combination of offbeat humor and supernatural creatures is a winner. Hopefully the third season will continue to grow stronger. (CW 9:00)


  • Friday Night Lights was one of the best new shows of last year, and one of the best overall. I am surprised that it is back for season two with its rather low ratings, but I am very happy it is. My recommendation to all is to watch this and go get season one and watch that too. (NBC 9:00)

That covers this week, and the last full week of new releases. Below are the rest of the premieres through the end of October, ordered by date.

Sunday October 7th

  • Life is Wild takes the family drama to a game preserve in Africa, which looks like the only interesting part of the show. The show takes a blended family, whose patriarch is a vet who volunteers to go to Africa. Aside from those animals, it looks rather generic. (CW 8:00)

Friday October 12th

  • 20/20 returns with new episodes. (ABC 8:00)
  • Women's Murder Club is about a group of four women friends, a DA, a cop, a reporter, and a forensic pathologist, who are drinking buddies who talk about their cases and solve them together. Angie Harmon leads the cast. This looks like it could be interesting. (ABC 9:00)
  • Men in Trees returns in a new time slot. I never watched the show, and cannot say that it interested me all that much.(ABC 10:00)

Monday October 15th

  • Samantha Who? looks kind of dumb. It stars Christina Applegate as a woman with amnesia looking to restart her life. (ABC 9:30)

Thursday October 18th

  • Viva Laughlin is a new musical drama that is being produced by Hugh Jackman (who also makes a few guest appearances). I think this could be good, a breath of fresh air. Of course, it could simply fall apart as well. This is a preview prior to its official start on 10/21. (CBS 10:00)

Friday October 19th

  • The Next Great American Band. Pass. (Fox 8:00)

Sunday October 21st

  • Viva Laughlin. See above. (CBS 8:00)

Thursday October 25th

  • Yeah! I love Scrubs. I am so glad to see it back this year, officially on the schedule rather than the mid-season replacement that is has been the past few years. (NBC 8:00)

That wraps up my series of previews for the new season. I know that this block has little that I am really interested in, but do not worry about my viewing habits. There are plenty of shows that I am going to try and watch on a weekly basis. Perhaps in a few weeks I will return with a column of what I'm watching and how I think they're doing. Any interest in something like that?


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