September 16, 2007

Emmy 2007: Down and Dirty

These awards shows always creep up on me. I always seem to think I have a lot of time to look them over and put my predictions on the screen, but it never seems to work in my favor. I am left scrambling in the hours leading up to the broadcast to get something down before they announce the winners. This year is no different. I procrastinate until such a time that I force myself to sit down and take a look. By now there are a million places that you can get the full nominee lists, so I will dispense with that and just provide a link to them. Read on and you will find my picks for who/what will win and should win in the major categories. Along with the occasional nomination that I feel was overlooked.

Outstanding Drama Series.
  • Will Win: Grey's Anatomy. I'm not positive, but I have a strong suspicion that this will be the year for this medical soap. I lost interest in season two, but the fan base seems to be growing.
  • Should Win: Heroes. Much like the first season of Lost, this series took the world by storm when it premiered last September. It has brought an interesting comic book-like world to a large audience and does a good job of juggling the numerous characters.
  • Missed Opportunities. Shows I would have liked to have seen nominated here include Rescue Me, Battlestar Galactica, Veronica Mars (although this was its weakest season as the format was tinkered in the search for ratings), and Friday Night Lights (which was outstanding in its premiere season).

Outstanding Comedy Series.

  • Will Win: Ugly Betty. Never had any desire to watch the show, but it has been a force to be reckoned with in its first year out of the box.
  • Should Win: The Office. I love this show, no doubt about it. It is funny, smart, goofy, and never fails to put a smile on my face. However, I get the impression that it will be a perpetual nominee without winning.
  • Missed Opportunities. I would have loved to have seen Scrubs, My Name is Earl, and Everybody Hates Chris in this category. Never cared for Two and a Half Men. I was happy to see 30 Rock included, as it had a strong first season.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama.

  • Will Win: Hugh Laurie. Yes, I think the irritable doc will take the top prize. For as one note as the character may seem, there is a lot of subtext to him.
  • Should Win: Denis Leary. Leary has come a long since I first saw him on those MTV commercials. He is absolutely fantastic on this show as the firefighter with every problem under the sun.
  • Missed Opportunities. Kyle Chandler should have been included here. He captured the heart and soul of Friday Night Lights, helping the show to a genuinely great first season.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama.

  • Will Win: Mariska Hargitay. Everyone seems to love her, and she is good. However, I feel the episodic nature hurts the overall growth. I never feel she is among the best despite that one or two episodes each year that put her in the running.
  • Should Win: Kyra Sedgewick. I only watch The Closer sporadically, but her portrayal as the tough/sweet lead is captivating.
  • Missed Opportunities. Kristen Bell. Her opportunity as Veronica Mars is up as the show has been sadly canceled, she was overlooked all three years as the lead. She is fantastic on the show, delivering a tough/vulnerable spunk that is reminiscent of Sarah Michelle Gellar on Buffy and Jennifer Garner on Alias.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy.

  • Will and Should Win: Steve Carell. This is an easy one. While the show is likely to be overlooked, the lead will almost assuredly take home the prize. And to think Carell was almost cast on Titus.
  • Missed Opportunities. Zach Braff, Jason Lee, and Tyler James Williams. All three of these actors should be considered contenders. Not winners, mind you, but definitely should be considered for the top prize.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy.

  • Will Win: America Ferrera from that Ugly Betty juggernaut will likely exit triumphant.
  • Should Win: Tina Fey. There is something about her performance that really hit home as the straight woman in the midst of chaos trying to keep her professional life going while trying to find a personal life.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama.

  • Will and Should Win: Masi Oka. Stepping from the shadows of Scrubs, Masi Oka has stepped up as a favorite, not to mention the key role on the popular new series.
  • Missed Opportunities. James Callis is fantastic as the evil, yet conflicted, Baltar on Battlestar Galactica.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama. Hmmm, Grey's Anatomy or The Sopranos?

  • Will Win: Chandra Wilson. What better way to usher in the start of her spinoff series than with a golden prize?
  • Should Win: I don't know, I do not have much of a vested interest. I don't watch either Grey's Anatomy or The Sopranos.
  • Missed Opportunities. Katee Sackhoff, Connie Briton. Another slight for Battlestar Galactica and Friday Night Lights.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy.

  • Will Win: Jon Cryer. Why? I Don't know. For some reason, this show is amazingly popular.
  • Should Win: Rainn Wilson. Here is a role of comedic genius that should be recognized.
  • Missed Opportunities. John Krasinski, Eddie Steeples, Neil Flynn. A second nominee from The Office, one from Earl, and one from Scrubs should all be in the bag. Maybe next year.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy.

  • Will Win: Vanessa Williams. Could this be another win for Ugly Betty? Sure looks like it to me.
  • Should Win: Jaimie Pressly. For my money, Pressly cracks me up all the time and I would love to see her rewarded for making me laugh.
  • Missed Opportunities. Judy Reyes carries a lot of emotional weight while still being funny. Probably should have been nominated years ago.

Other random categories and who I would like to see win.

Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series. This category has a few shows that I really like and am glad to see them nominated. Here, I would like to see Battlestar Galactica "Exodus.

Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series. This should go to Scrubs for "My Musical." It was a wonderfully staged episode that revolved around good timing. Although, I would not be sad to see The Office win.

Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series. Hands down, this should wind up going to Battlestar Galactica "Occupation/Precipice." It is a fantastic two parter for the series that should have gotten some more love in the major categories.

Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series. Hmmm, 30 Rock or The Office? With two nominations each, one of these two is sure to win the top prize. Frankly, I don't care which one, I will be happy either way.

That about wraps up my down and dirty run through! Be sure to tune in 9/16 to find out how close I was.


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