September 28, 2006

TV Preview: Veronica Mars - Season 3 Premiere

It is nearly here. The premiere for the third season of Veronica Mars is less than a week away. If you can't tell, I am just a little excited for the coming of the new season. It is one of the brightest stars on the current television landscape, and to see this peeking over the horizon is a welcome sign indeed.

For those of you who don't watch the series, you should. For those of you who do watch the show, you know thebrilliance that is about to unfold. Veronica Mars is a series that you do need to pay attention to the details, there is a lot hidden in there. However, even if you don't watch the details, and I admit that I do not always pay attention to all of them, there is still a lot to like.

The third season picks up a few months after season two ends. Veronica, Logan, Wallace, and the rest have graduated from high school and are now starting their college careers. But before we get to far into the action, we are greeted with a new opening credits sequence. The new opening is good and bad and will definitely need some getting used to. The music is a remixed version of the Dandy Warhols theme, "We Used to be Friends," slowed down with a less sparse arrangement. The theme plays under a series of stills of the primary cast members, with a few new faces in the mix. In a way, it is a more mature sounding and looking opening that goes along with the post-high school Veronica. I have yet to make a final decision of whether I like it or not, I'll let you decide.

Now, the last I want to do is give you a rundown of what happens, rather I want to entice you to tune in, especially those of you who do not watch. The first season introduced us to spunky Veronica. She was going through a low point in her life, her best friend had been murdered, her father was the disgraced former sheriff now working as a PI, and she straddled the social line between the rich kids and the not so rich kids. The season followed her efforts to uncover the truth of her friend's murder. Of course, there were plenty of stand alone episodes, to go along with the season long arc, which had her helping classmates with a variety of problems. The second season has the season long story of a bus crash that killed a number of classmates and may have been meant for her. Plenty of subplots come into play which involve a number of people the supporting cast. There is a lot to watch, and a lot that comes out in this season, and some of it leads into the new season.

The premiere has Veronica, Wallace, and Mac settling into their dorm rooms and promptly getting involved in a mystery. Along the way we are introduced to a couple of new characters, Wallace's roommate, Piz, and Mac's roommate, Parker. While Veronica works the campus mystery, her father, Keith, heads out of town on a job, related to the seaon two finale. Unfortunately, this is where my lack of memory of some of the details gets fuzzy as it took awhile for me to remember where this came from. By the time we get to the end of the episode seeds have been planted for the new larger mysteries for the season.

What I can say is that the show is a lot of fun. Veronica is back with her snarky attitude, Wallace with his eternal optimism, and the always sarcastic Logan. We also see the effects of last season's finale on Dick Casablancas, and he is not well. What we don't get in the premiere is anything with Weevil, although he is still in the opening credits. I did find out that he is not in episode two either, I hope he is back soon and makes something of an impact.

Veronica Mars is a very well written show and is immediately engrossing. To think that I was unsure where this was going to go a few years back, I am so very glad that I decided to give it a shot.

Kristen Bell stars as the title character and has crafted a character that is strong, confident, smart, yet still vulnerable and capable of making mistakes. She has fanatstic presence and exudes confidence, you will want to come back week after week to see what happens. Enrico Colantoni, who plays Keith Mars, is solid as ever with his capable, hard nosed PI crossed with the presence of a father who cares deeply for his daughter. The rest of the cast is solid too.

I have nothing more to say other than this was an excellent episode and you should definitely tune into The CW at 9:00 on Tuesday October 3, 2006. I promise that you won't be disappointed.


Martini said...

I cannot wait till Oct. 3! And the new intro sounds interesting. I don't normally like it when they change the intro, but I have faith in Rob & the crew.

Chris said...

You know, I have seen it online, but will likely watch again. I am leaning towards liking the opening, but like any change, I have to get used to it.

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