September 28, 2006

TV Preview: Everybody Hates Chris - Season 2 Premiere

Everybody Hates Chris is one of the worthy shows that survived the UPN and WB mergers, and is set to premiere at the dawn of The CW. My only problem with the switch is that the wonderful show has been saddled with an awful timeslot, Sunday at 7:00, starting this Sunday, October 1st.

I was immediately hooked when the series started last year. Surprised me, the thought of a sitcom based on the childhood of Chris Rock sounded, frankly, rather silly. I like Rock, I just never thought him to be a subject of a family comedy. Anyway, early word was good, so I tuned in, and was immediately rocked back into my seat.

Now, it isn't my favorite show, but it is in the upper tier of current sitcoms. It is a true family show that the whole family can sit and watch together without the parents cringing at any overly adult content. At the same time, it doesn't pander to the lowest common denominator. The writing is smart, witty, and just fun to watch.

The second season continues the trend of fun performances and good writing. We pick up with Chris dealing with loss of his first love and his attempt to fill the void, while his older brother, Drew, is trying to keep the void from being filled at all. Back at home, his mother, Rochelle, spars with their new neighbor, played by guest star Whoopi Goldberg, over the need for a neighborhood watch.

The show is fun, giving a nicely stylized look back at the Rock's family living in the Brooklyn of the early 1980s. The dialogue is filled with wit as Rochelle and the neighbor wage their battle of wills, and Chris gets all sorts of advice from a variety of sources. Plus, there are the narrative bits from Chris Rock, himself, spicing up the show and giving a little more insight.

I would definitely recommend tuning into the show. It appears to be continuing its high quality from the first season. I am just very worried about what the timeslot could mean to its ratings, and ultimately how long the show will last.


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