September 19, 2006

Box Office Update 9/15-9/17: The Rock Leads Gridiron Gang to the Top

Fortunately, this week did not end up like last week. The box office was a little bit stronger this week. Instead of having the number 1 film under $9 million, there was a surge that pushed two films over the $10 million mark.

The top film this week was the inspirational football drama Gridiron Gang. There was no doubt that this was going to come out on top. The combination of the attraction that these stories have, and the number of theaters that it opened on teamed up to almost gurantee a number one finish. As for the film, it is actually pretty good. It is a gritty look into the effect that one man can have, that he can make a difference. It is a bit cliche, but it works.

Right behind it are two more debuting films, The Black Dahlia and Everyone's Hero. They are right where I thought they would be, only swapped. Dahlia was second, and is a visually stunning film whose plot is held together by a tenuous string. Hero, I haven't seen, although I have read that it did not hold much for adults.

The final new release to crack the top ten is the Zach Braff starring relationship drama, The Last Kiss. It is an excellent film that may not tread much in the way of new ground, but is structured in a wonderfully lyrical fashion.

Of the returning films, Hollywoodland fared the worst, dropping over 54%. That is a shame, as it is a quality film. Does anyone know what is keeping people away? Surely it can't just be Affleck, he was good in this movie. At the same time movies like The Covenant, while not tearing up the box office, still draws in more. I guess I shouldn't complain, I spent my money and saw both of them, it just makes one wonder.

On the other side, Little Miss Sunshine and The Illusionist are doing very well at retaining their audience. The former truly deserves it, as it is one of the most satisfying films this year. The latter has a lot to like, but isn't all that it could have been.

Four films dropped from the list this week: The Protector (11), The Wicker Man (12), Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (13), and Barnyard (14).

This Week

Last WeekTitleWknd GrossOverallWeek in release
1NGridiron Gang$14,414,630$14,414,6301

The Black Dahlia

3NEveryone's Hero$6,061,762$6,061,7621
41The Covenant$4,777,554$15,791,0852
5NThe Last Kiss$4,627,989$4,627,9891


76The Illusionist$3,623,084$23,126,8855
87Little Miss Sunshine$3,319,124$46,359,5798

Box Office Predictions Recap
Got the top and the bottom, plus a couple in the middle. My picks were generally a little bit better this week, although I overestimated the lasting power of Hollywoodland and The Protector. The box office was a bit stronger this week than last, let's see if it holds up next week.


PredictionTitleWknd GrossPrediction
11Gridiron Gang$14,414,630$11 million
32Everyone's Hero$6,061,762$9 million
23The Black Dahlia$10,005,895$8.5 million
44The Covenant$4,777,554$5.5 million

The Last Kiss


$5 million

96Hollywoodland$2,722,954$4.75 million
117The Protector$2,475,333$4 million
68Invincible$4,114,921$3.5 million
79The Illusionist$3,623,084$3 million
1010Crank$2,680,225$2 million
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