August 1, 2006

DVD Pick of the Week: V for Vendetta

This week's pick was the easiest choice I have had in the past few frames. First off, there isn't much in the way of intriguing titles, at least for me. However, one of them stands head and shoulders above the rest. In fact, it stands as one of the best films of the year.

This week's pick is V for Vendetta. The film is an adaptation of Alan Moore and David Lloyd's graphic novel. The story is set in the future, England is ruled by a totalitarian regime. A shadowy figure of the night using terrorist tactics to retake the government and give control back to the people. Or perhaps, his goals are more personal, as a ways for revenge. One of the beauties of the film is the way it can be interpreted in a variety of ways.

The adaptation was written by the Wachowski Brothers (The Matrix Trilogy) and it was directed by first timer James McTiegue. The film is a complex film that is buoyed by a wonderful visual style. On top of the look and the themes, it features a pair of fine lead performances. Hugo Weaving proves that you can give an effective performance without ever seeing th face, not an easy accomplishment. Playing opposite him is Natalie Portman, as his victim turned ally.

The release is available in three versions. First is the evil single disk, full frame release, which is to be avoided at all costs. The single disk is also getting a proper widescreen release. Lastly there is a two disk set, which features better cover art and more featurettes taking you behind the movie. On top of that, variuos retailers are having their own exclusives, including a replica of the Guy Fawkes mask and poster card reproductions of some of the posters.

Also out this week:

  • Beavis & Butt-head: The Mike Judge Collection Vol. 3. The third volume of the slacker toons has arrived. Huh huh.
  • Olivier's Shakespeare (Henry V, Hamlet, Richard III). Switching gears, this is a collection of Laurence Olivier's Shakespearean works. This is a repackaging by Criterion of their previously released disks.
  • The Shaggy Dog. I have no desire to see this, but I am sure there are a few of you out there who are.
  • Star Trek Fan Collective: Klingon. The latest release in this series of fan chosen sets features Klingon tales.
  • Trigun: Remix Vol. 1. Following the footsteps of the recent Cowboy Bebop remixes, comes this remastering of the Trigun series.

What are you getting this week?


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