August 15, 2006

DVD Pick of the Week: Hong Kong Phooey - The Complete Series

Weeks like this are rare. It was a bit of a struggle to make a pick this week. Nothing really struck me as being a must have. Of course, there are titles that interest me and I was able to make a choice. So let us just move along, shall we?

I thought I would take a trip back to my childhood when we youngsters could take our lunch and camp out in front of the TV with its endless stream of Hanna Barbera cartoons. This week has a few such releases this week. Coming to a store shelf near you are the complete series releases of Magilla Gorilla and Hong Kong Phooey.

The former I was never much of a fan of, but the latter I had completely forgotten about the latter until I say the release list for this week. I loved the crime fighting mutt. By day he was a janitor at a police station, but at the first hint of trouble, he would leap into his closet, don a mask, get aholdof his feline sidekick and head off to thwart the evildoers. He would also never be too far away from his instruction manual. Great stuff, it will be nice to revisit my youth with this release.

Also coming out this week:
  • Apocalypse Now: The Complete Dossier. This would have been my pick had it included the wonderful documentary, Hearts of Darkness, but it does not. It does have both the theatrical version and the longer version releasedion 2001.
  • L'Enfant. This looks like an interesting film, it is about a young couple who have a child, the father sells the child on the black market. This looks into them in the aftermath of that decision.
  • Masters of Horror: Dario Argento - Jenifer. The latest release of this Showtime series, this from the Italian Master.
  • Rome: The Complete First Season. Only saw one episode of this, but it was pretty good. I wouldn't mind seeing more of it.
  • RV. This is a warning, do not see this stinker.
  • Scary Movie 4. Surprisingly funny, and a much better entry than the previous two sequels.
  • The Simpsons: The Complete Eigth Season. I liked the early seasons, but stopped getting them a few seasons back.

What are you getting this week?


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