May 23, 2006

Finale Report: ER - "Twenty-One Guns"

Twelve seasons, who would have thought it would have lasted this long? Granted, the ratings are not as dominant as they once were, but it still ranks among the best on television. I have found it interesting to see how its popularity stays despite the near complete cast turnover. I have found my interest waning at times, but something keeps drawing me back.

This episode follows two primary threads. Gallant's parents are in town, and Neela attends to them as they prepare for Michael's funeral. Greg Pratt is the sole representative from the ER. Neela doesn't even want to be there, she is having a terribly difficult time coming to terms that Michael is gone. Pratt does all he can to console her and convince her that everything will be OK.

Back at the ER, it starts out normal enough, except for the EMT in training that has arrived to shadow the nurses. Everything this girl touches goes wrong, it is as if she hasn't even had the most rudimentary training.

Things take a turn when Sam's ex shows up. It seems the guy has gotten into a figh with his cellmate, necessitating a trip to the ER. His last visit had required some stitch work, and it had gotten ripped out, so he needs to get some stitches redone.

Weaver comes down to the ER to talk with Kovac. Clemente's past is catching up to him and his present broken down condition is not helping. There are hints of potential legal action stemming from Clemente's erratic behavior, and it could have an impact on Kovac's continued employment as head of the ER.

The main story revolves around Sam and the drama with her ex. It turns out, the fight that landed him there was a ruse to break him and his cellmate out of prison. They have help from the outside in the form of that no nothing EMT student. The plan involves the incapacitating of the guard and the theft of his clothes, then they would walk out the front door with Sam escorting them. The plan takes an unexpected turn when they are interrupted b Luka. He gets jumped by one of the inmates, and injected with a muscle paralyzer. Sam is freaking out at this point, as Luka is not breathing. She frantically tries to bag Luka, to get some air into his lungs. She is being rushed to get out, but she doesn't want to leave Luka. However, she isn't given much of a choice. Luka is left behind, tied to a gurney, unable to move.

As they are walking out, Sam tries to drop some hints about her predicament. Abby is the only one to pick up on it, fortunately. She alerts two officers who are at the reception desk, who, in turn, calls out to them to stop. This leads to a firefight in the ER lobby. Bullets and bodies are flying. Sam is used as a shield, and when they get outside, she learns they have her son, tied up in the back of the van, so she gets in and is whisked away, a hostage of the escapees.

The ER is a wreck, debris and bodies are everywhere. Jerry was hit, he is laying there bleeding. They get him into a trauma room, and begin work. Abby is feeling a little woozy herself, after diving to the floor in the midst of the gun blasts. While helping the injured, she goes out to look for something, and starts to stumble, she reaches down between her legs and comes back with a hand of blood, she tries to steady herself on the door, leaving a bloody smear. On the other side of the door luies Kovac, watching everything. He has regained some movement, but is restrained, and cannot speak because of the tube.

The episode ends with many threads to ponder upon while waiting for next season.

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