May 22, 2006

Finale Preview: Alias to Air Final Episodes

Will tonight's final t episodes reveal all? Will we finally learn the secrets behind Rambaldi, and why it is so closely linked with Sydney? How will Irina play into the endgame? Will Sydney and Michael live happily ever after with their daughter? Will Sloane meet a horrible demise? Will Marshal wax poetic about his child? Will Weiss make an appearance? Do we really want to know the answers?

I have watched Alias from the start, and while it did have sporadic quality and a lack of focus over the past few seasons, I was there for it. I was very disappointed when I learned that it would not be coming back for a sixth go around. Although I guess I should be happy to get as much as I did. There have been other shows that I have really liked that never made it to a fifth season.

Tonight will be the premiere of the two part finale. The first part is called "Reprisal," and it has Sloane taking Rachel and Marshal hostage as he attempts to uncover a critical piece to Rambaldi's endgame. Of course, Sydney and Vaughn are doing what they can to try and stop him.

The second half, and the finale proper, is "All the Time in the World." This is the episode that the entire series, presumably, hinges on. Sloane, along with Irina, seek to bring about the prophecies as foretold by Rambaldi. A twisty, turny road that has seen Sloane change sides more often than many of you change your underwear. will he be made to pay for his crimes against the world, or will he succeed in getting Sydney to play her part?

AOL has posted an exclusive video preview of tonight's finale. The clip shows Sydney and Vaughn in a firefight in a desert camp. Sydney ends up in a room, alone with Sloane. Sydney is holding a sphere that Sloane claims to be what everyone has been after. Sydney, of course, not trusting him asks about is she destroys it. Meanwhile, Vaughn is caught by Sark, who in turn, is targheted by Jack, who gets targetd by some random henchman. It is a nice little showdown. Their capture causes Sydney to rethink destroying the sphere. What repercussions will this have? I guess we will have to see tonight.

I for one, eagerly look forward to seeing how this plays out. I remember thinking, back in the early seasons, about how the Rambaldi undercurrent would be resolved, or if it even would. The thought had crossed my mind that the story could possibly be abandoned somewhere down the line. This was this series mythology, as the abduction/alien stories were the backbone of The X-Files.

The series has always been a fun spy romp, an intriguing world in which high tech espionage merged with ancient prophecies. Despite the story intricacies, which I admit to losing track of at many points, the show has always been anchored by a cast that can jump into these stories that threaten to become the sole point of the show, yet inject a high level of humanity to the proceedings.

Jennifer Garner displayed an incredible range as Sydney Bristow. She could back you believe that she was this kick ass superspy, while simultaneously being this fragile, vulnerable woman seeking to leave this behind. There is Victor Garber, a fine actor who was able to scare the crap out of me while being a tender father figure to Sydney. Michael Vartan as Michael Vaughn, steady, supportive character all the way through. How could I forget Ron Rifkin as the deliciouslyu insidious Arvin Sloane, this man is pure evil, yet he can disguise it in a cloak of goodness which is able to fool everybody. The supporting cast was also first rate with Len Weisman, Carl Lumbley, Greg Grunberg, and later Mia Maestro, Amy Acker, Melissa George, Rachel Nichols, and David Anders. If anything, the cast has always been top notch.

Eagerly I await the revelations of tonights final two hours. Join me, won't you?

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Marty said...

I'm all about Alias. Watched it from the first episode and I've never missed any, even though the quality has declined this year.

I hope we are not disappointed by the finale...

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