February 26, 2006

The Trailer Park: Failure to Launch

What does the world need more than another romantic comedy? First off, I would say an original horror film, but I don't think we'll get that anytime soon, so I guess I will have to settle for this. That is not to speak ill of the movie, as I think that Failure to Launch is going to be a must see, at least for me. One thing to remember, take any endorsement from me with a grain of salt, as I like what I like and the rest of you are free to tag along for the ride!

Anyway, Failure to Launch hits a little close to home, and that is why it is a must see for me. The story is about Trip (Matthew McConaughey), a 35 year old man who still lives at home with his parents. His parents reach their breaking point and hire a "professional motivator" played by Sarah Jessica Parker. Her job is to pretend to be a love interest and urge him to move out on his own. Of course, as it always goes in these movies, nothing goes as planned and comedy ensues.

The promotional machine is in full swing as a number of clips have surfaced online. You can find links to them below in a variety of formats and sizes.

The first clip is of Parker talking to her employers about their son's potential, a moderately humorous bit as she talks about their son in such a proper, work oriented manner.
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The third clip features a scene from most of the commercials, where pop walks in on his son and his date in his bedroom. Funny, reminiscent of Eugene Levy walking in on Jason Biggs at various inopportune moments in the American Pie films.
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This has got to be the best clip of the bunch. If you meet a friendly chipmunk in the woods, don't feed it a Power Bar. I warned you.
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Real Media: IPOD format. This includes all of the above clips, plus an additional one of the couple sailing a stolen boat.

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