February 25, 2006

Darren McGavin Dead at 83

Darren McGavin passed away 2/25/06 at 7:10 PST. He was 3 months shy of his 84th birthday. I was shocked finding out about this shortly after finding out about the passing Don Knotts, with whom McGavin appeared in a pair of films, No Deposit, No Return and Hot Lead and Cold Feet.

I cannot claim to have followed Darren's career, but I have always enjoyed his work as Carl Kolchak. He brought this irascible charm and grim determination to the role. Creating the iconic supernatural investigator and becoming the precursor to such shows as The X-Files.

Moreso than Kolchak, Darren will forever be remembered as the father in A Christmas Story. That film is one of my favorite holiday films, partially due to the wonderful performance he gives as the hard nosed, soft hearted patriarch who works in swears the way an artist works in oils.

Darren McGavin has had a long career in film and television, leaving his mark on the entertainment world. His last appearance was an uncredited cameo in the pilot episode of the short lived reimagination of Night Stalker in 2005. Over the years has also appeared in television series such as The X-Files, The Commish, Murphy Brown, The Six-Million Dollar Man, Gunsmoke, and Dr.Kildare. Highlights from his film career include Airport '77, Hanger 18, Raw Deal, and as Adam Sandler's father in Billy Madison.

Darren will forever be Kolchak and The Old Man, and he will always be welcome in my home, particularly around Christmas time. I wish Darren's family and friends all of my best in their time of loss.

Be sure to visit Darren McGavin.net and see his extensive filmography at IMDB.com.

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Matt Largo said...

Nice post. Sad news. I think that Darren McGavin is a highly underrated character actor. I also read in your post that Don Knotts passed away. I used to be in a touring Indie Rock band and we saw Don Knotts was doing dinner theater so I had Don Knotts' autograph on my Fender Telecaster.

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