January 20, 2006

New Movie Releases for 1/20/06: Featuring Underworld: Evolution

Welcome to the third weekend of 2006. One major new release to report on, and another one going to a wider release. Are both worth seeing? Perhaps, time will tell.

End of the Spear. I have seen a couple of trailers this past week, but outside of that I know nothing of this movie. The story concerns the massacre of a group of missionaries in Ecuador, the main character's family then leaves that life behind. One of the missionaries' brother arrives to learn about what happened, and joins the family of one of the perpetrator's. That is a really poor description, but it actually seems like an intriguing tale. Also, this is another "based on a true story" film. TRAILER

Underworld: Evolution. A sequel to a mediocre, yet fun, movie. This actually looks better than the original, of course, it gets Kate Beckinsale back in some tight black leather, which is never a bad thing. She is reunited with Scott Speedman on a mission to stop an ancient vampire from leading a massacre with his new army. I am anxiously awaiting this, I hope I am not setting myself up for a disappointment. TRAILER

Brokeback Mountain. I mentioned this one a few weeks back when it opened at the local arthouse, not it is going wider. It is roughly doubling its theater count, and it couldn't come at a better time. This past Monday, Brokeback Mountain won 4 Golden Globe awards, including Best Picture - Drama and Best Director. These awards can only help it as it expands, plus the Oscars are right around the corner. TRAILER

The Gathering. This is having a two day/two show engagement at the local arthouse. It hails from Indonesia and features a taboo breaking gay kiss, which is a big deal for one of the largest Muslim nations in the world. It is a satire concerning three friends that reach a crossroads and are forced to make some big decisions concerning where their lives are headed.

Also opening this week, but not near me:
  • Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World
  • Why We Fight

Enjoy your weekend at the movies!


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