January 4, 2006

DVD Reviews: Denise Austin Trio

Recently, a trio of Denise Austin exercise DVDs arrived on my doorstep. Sadly, I have an aversion to physical activity. Perhaps this was meant as a little nudge to the consummate couch potato I? Afraid of withering away to a husk of my former stature, I quickly shuttled the disks away from my central core and over to my mother. "Your Mother?" you may ask, yes, my mother, she has more experience in this area than I.

A few years back my mother decided to make a concerted effort to lose weight. It has paid off in the form of a net loss in the vicinity of 60 pounds, an amount she has been able to maintain. She did this all without any of those fancy diets that fall in and out of fashion. She did through an enhanced emphasis on what and how much she ate, and an exercise regimen which centers on walking every day. During the warm summer months she prefers walking around the neighborhood, with excursions into the realm of DVD and VHS exercise videos. She is no expert on fitness, but she has done a wonderful job at keeping to her program, an inspiration to anyone who does not think they can do it.

What follows are my mother's thoughts and words on this set of disks, touched up by me.

The disks that are looked at here are:
  • Denise Austin's Blast Away the Pounds - Indoor Walk
  • Denise Austin's Burn Fat Fast - Cardio Dance & Sculpt
  • Denise Austin's Hit the Spot Pilates
First up is Denise Austin's Blast Away the Pounds - Indoor Walk.

The Denise Austin DVD Blast Away the Pounds - Indoor Walk is easy to follow, invigorating walk that you will want to add to any other program that you may be doing to keep your weight under control. A disk that is as enjoyable to do, as this is, makes it that much easier to want to continue doing. It may take a while to get the moves down, but that is to be expected with any new routine, each disk brings with it new challenges and steps to learn. When you finish the exercise program you know you've done something good for yourself and that alone will help keep you coming back. Just enjoy it, don't approach it as a chore, or something that you have to do, rather think of it as something that is going to better you and your self image. The disk has 3 15 minute exercises if increasing intensity. Each one provides a good workout without becoming too long and tiring, which is the last thing you want when exercising!

I rate this one the best of the three programs but it's a personal preference. I really like walking exercises as they get the whole body in motion without causing too much stress on the joints. Before trying Denise Austin I use Leslie Sansone's 3 mile advance walk which I do without fail every morning. This one incorporates stretchy bands to help make it a full body workout. Then, earlier this year, I added George Foreman's Circuit walk which I also love . Each program will help someone start on the road to getting into shape. All three of these walking programs are good. It is also nice to have a variety to choose from so that you don't get bored. Thats what I'm doing with Denise Austin. I found what works for me and I'm adding it to what I already use. Doing all of these exercises has helped me find muscles I never knew I had!

Next is Denise Austin's Burn Fat Fast - Cardio Dance & Sculpt.

Now for Denise Austin's Burn Fat Fast, this one I can only claim to like half of. The Cardio Dance is not for me, I don't like all the dance moves. Trying to remember them, and the speed at which they move is too quick, jumping from move to move before I can remember the last one. I find it frustrating, not being able to keep up, it is a little disheartening. I'm sure someone can put it all together and enjoy it, but not me! The other half of this DVD is sculpting, or strength training. I really enjoy working with weights, which this program incorporates. Like the Indoor Walk which is 3 15 minute mile walking exercises I find this program, which lasts 20 minutes, a much needed work out to add to the walking program. You feel great using weights and its enjoyable to boot! You can use whatever size weights you'd like, I prefer 3 lb. weights. You need to make sure that you are comfortable with whatever weight you choose, make sure not to use anything that is too heavy, you can always build up to larger weights. I must say the weights are great! There is also a stretch after each program, don't skip these you will miss out as they really add to the program proper. They don't take much time and are very beneficial, plus you'll feel great.

On the whole, each program is a personal choice. I happen to love the walking and the weights. I'm sure some of you will equally enjoy the dance routines- go for it and have fun! Hey, maybe I'll give it a few more tries, why not? Perhaps they will grow on me.

Last up is Denise Austin's Hit the Spot Pilates.

As for the final Denise Austin DVD, the jury is out on this one! This is mainly because I'm not sure if I can do some of them. I have a feeling this is going to be very helpful but for me it might take a while to get full benefit. There are several 10 minute workouts for different target areas, so you have a number of workouts to choose from. I suggest you watch the different segments first to get an idea which ones are best for you, then give them a try. Thats what I am doing right now and the going is slow! I still prefer the weights and walking, but I know I still need help with certain areas and I think with time this Pilates workout will help me out and I think the 10 minute workouts are the right length and might just get me to try more of them! I think I can last that long! Final say about all these workouts is they are a great help, but only if you put them in your DVD player. Seriously though, give them a try, work at your own pace and don't give up. In the end you will more than likely impress yourselves. Good luck and I rate these exercises beneficial for people interested in getting in shape at your own rate and your own pace. There is something for everyone to try. You be your own judge.

Hey, me again! I hope that this helps you on your path to fitness.

If you would like to contact my mother about these reviews, feel free to drop her an email.


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