November 12, 2005

Kitchen Confidential: Classified Canceled

Kitchen Confidential barely made a ripple in the television kiddie pool among this years crop of new sitcoms. Despite its potential, Fox has decided to not allow its development to continue. It was announced that it would not be allowed to continue past its inital order of 13 episodes.

I guess it didn't help that it was paired with perennial critical darling Arrested Development, which doesn't draw great ratings itself. The two shows actually made a pretty good pair, but I do not think that Monday was the right night for the two. It would have been good to have it at the 9:00-10:00 block on Sunday.

I am not going to defend Kitchen Confidential as a good show, but I will say that it had potential. It didn't get much of a chance to cultivate an audience. It's too bad, I was starting to enjoy the antics in the kitchen.


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