November 12, 2005

Arrested Development to Stop Developing

Damn it. That was my first reaction to reading the news that Arrested Development was being canceled. What were they thinking? What could possibly have been going through their tiny little minds when this decision was made? It is just another reason to give up on network television, in particular, the Fox network. Why does Fox have such a hard time keeping good shows on the air? This isn't the first time Fox has screwed up a show, anyone remember Serenity, Titus, Futurama, Lone Gunmen, Tru Calling, or Wonderfalls? It is becoming a pattern with them.

I guess we should be thankful that we got as much as we did. Granted, the show never pulled in extraordinary ratings, but it has it's fans as much as any show does. The show is well received by critics and fans alike. It needed better promotion and advertising.

Man, I am so upset. I watch a lot of TV, a lot more than a lot of people, and definitely more than I should, but there are some shows that I look forward to every week, without fail. One of those shows I was so dedicated to is Arrested Development.

The current crop of sitcoms is less than endearing, that is why a show as innovative and clever as Arrested Development should cultivated. The show needs time to find its audience, to gain a rhythm. Not every show can be an instant hit like, say, Desperate Housewives. I always stop and think about a show like Seinfeld at moments like these. I generally consider Seinfeld to be one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. Stop for a second and think about the chances that it would have had if it had begun its run this year. Do you think it would have lasted? I don't think so. It really didn't start taking off until a few seasons in. I know I didn't discover it until around season 4.

Arrested Development is one of the best of the current crop. Along with The Office and My Name is Earl, it is the best sitcoms going. I would have included Scrubs in that list, but the minds at NBC felt it best to use it as a mid season replacement, still have no idea when to expect it back.

It is not done yet. This season's order of episodes has been cut to 13, and roughly half have already aired. The other half will be aired between December 5th and next May. Please, please, please watch the show when you get the chance. Find out for yourself why it has its rabid core of fans.

To give a quick overview, the show is all about the beleaguered Bluth family. Michael Bluth is the outcast of the family, who returns following the arrest of his father to try and hold the family business together. At all turns he has to deal with his snobbish alcoholic mother, his mama's boy brother, Buster, his ego-maniacal magician brother, Gob, his sister, the vacuous Lindsay, and her husband, Tobias. Developments include the escape of his father timed with the reemergence of his twin brother, Tobias attempts to get an acting job, Lindsay trying to attract guys, Buster joining the army, and host of other levels of wackiness. In short it is a wonderfully acted and written show that deserves to be seen.

Don't let this multi-Emmy award winning series go out with a whimper. Watch the show, boost the ratings, show Fox just how big a mistake they are making.


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