October 26, 2005

Interview: Judge D

What follows is a brief interview conducted via email with up and coming hip hop/rock crossover artist Judge D. Let me say first off, I have never conducted any type of interview before. I don't feel comfortable on the phone at this point, so I did this the electronic way. I also am not terribly good at coming up with questions.

I posted a review of his album, No Compromize, back on September 14th. It is an excellent album filled with great rhythms and lyrics that have substance and weight to them. It is definitely worth your time!

Now, on to the interview!

Chris: You're music has a lot of different styles in the mix, most notably rock, at least to me. What are some of the acts that influenced you?
Judge D: Luckily growing up in Southern California it was sort of a melting pot of good music. I honestly like such a wide variety of music I don't think the world would understand. With that being said, I more try to find influence in everything happening to the world and just be me musically.

Chris: I have read that you are of Native American descent, Has that had an impact on your music?
Judge D: I am only 1\4 Native American but as a child my mother took me to pow-wows and I believe that has everything to do with my music.

Chris: No Compromize is an impressive album, did you have an particular concept in mind when you were writing it?
Judge D: First off thank you for the compliment, second this album’s concept
is just about my life. It’s the story of a kid who was raised in lie and one day decides to stand up and not compromise what he knows to be true. I think it's something we all go through in our own way.

Chris: Do you ever find it difficult to retain your integrity in the music business?
Judge D: No. I'm gonna be me whether the music industry likes it or not. I'm in it for the people and the future and not the money.

Chris: You clearly have a lot to say about the state of world affairs and politics, is there anything you would like to share about recent events?
Judge D: I just think it's sad that it takes a national disaster for people to realize the world needs to be fed, and I think it's even sadder that the government is only doing something because there in the "spotlight". On one hand the world has billions of useless dollars and on the other hand has millions of starving people. With all the intelligent people in the world, you'd think they could find a balance.

Chris: What do you hope to accomplish over the course of your career?
Judge D: I'm going to answer that with one simple question, is it progress for a cannibal to use a knife and fork?". I just want to be remembered as someone who gave hope and inspiration to people to stand strong together for true peace and freedom. Touching one persons life is my goal, reaching the whole world is my dream.

Chris: Last but not least, any chance of a tour stop in upstate New York?
Judge D: I hope so brother unfortunately you gotta talk to Suburban Noize on that one.

Peace n thanx man. –judge d

Me again. As you can see this was relatively brief, but it was my first time out.

I recommend that you check out the album, I am sure you will be surprised at how fast it grows on you. Not to mention the great lyricism from Judge D. It is refreshing to see an artist with personal integrity who has intentions of reaching out in a positive way to those around him.


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