September 9, 2005

New Movie Releases: 9/9/05

This weekend brings us a mix of films. A thriller, a buddy comedy, and a pair of foreign dramas. I am interested in seeing each of them. Whether or not I actually do is an entirely different question.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose. This may very well be a good movie, but my hopes have been severely tempered of late. When I first saw the trailer for this, it was prior to receiving an MPAA rating. It looked like pretty freaky, grab you by the throat, kind of horror/thriller. My hopes rose. Then I saw the rating, PG-13, and my hopes were dashed. It still may be good, but it seems that the hard stuff will be neutered for release at a future date as an "Unrated Director's Cut" DVD. I have been wrong before.

The Man. On paper, the thought of putting Samuel L. Jackson together with Eugene Levy looks like a decent proposition. Whether or not, it turns out to actually be a good one, is yet to be seen. I have not read anything about it, but the commercials look pretty funny. Levy is mistaken as a criminal, and ends up teaming with hard nosed cop Jackson on a drug bust. It may not be deep, it may not be smart, but it may just be very funny.

The Beat That My Heart Skipped. I have seen the trailer to this a few times, and it looks pretty good, although I haven't ascertained the plot that it follows. What I have read is that a young man who grew up playing the piano abandoned it in favor of working as a heavy for his father. A chance meeting gets him back into the piano world, just as other aspects of his life heat up. It looks to be visually interesting and well acted from the bit I have seen.

2046. Wong Kar Wai's latest dose of a visual tapestry is upon us. This looks interesting, concerning itself with a place where people go to reclaim lost memories, but never return. The big question is what exactly is 2046 referring to? It may be an apartment, or a year, no one quite knows. I look forward to diving into this world.

Also opening this week, but not near me:
  • Echoes of Innocence
  • Green Street Hooligans
  • Keane
  • Mobsters and Mormons
  • Saalame Namaste
  • Touch the Sound
  • An Unfinished Life
That's it for this week.


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