April 5, 2005

Pick of the Week.

This week has a decent selection to choose from, but from that decent selection there can only be one Pick. That pick was easy to make, this weeks choice cut is Sideways. This was probably the best reviewed film of last year. It won a lot of Best Pictures, Best Directors, Best Actors, although it failed to stop the Million Dollar Baby juggernaut at the recent Oscars. This is an incredible film, great story, acting, the works. It made my Top Ten for 2004, and is destined to take its place in my collection.

It tells the tale of a depressed wine connoisseur who takes his actor best friend on a tour of the wine country for the week leading up to his wedding. The two friends have very different ideas as to what the trip will lead too, Paul Giammatti plans on drinking himself away, while Thomas Haden Church plans on getting some last minute cheating in. What neither one of them expects is to meet their match in the pair of Virginia Madsen and Sandra Oh. All four of them are set on a journey of discovery. Alexander Payne has crafted a wonderfully personal film which is easily one of the best films of the year.

Some other notables:
  • Amityville Horror Collection. Contains the first three films, plus an exclusive fourth disk of extras. All in preparation for the for the upcoming remake release. I always thought the original was a bit dull, but haven't sampled it for some time.
  • Elektra. This was not a very good film, but I enjoyed anyway, it was sort of fun.
  • Gantz Vol 3. This surreal series releases the third episode pair, I am enjoying this series.
  • Greatest American Hero Season 2. I remember this when I was kid, always thought it was pretty goofy.
  • Silverado: Superbit Gift Set. Two disk set of the fun western. I just may have to spring for this one.
  • Spanglish. Adam Sandler displays his restrained side, in this very good film. But it was Paz Vega and Cloris Leachman who stole the show.
  • Warriors 2. I know nothing about this film, outside of it being a part of the next wave of Fox's Asian Film releases making it a must buy.
  • Winners and Sinners. Ditto.
  • Hand of Death. Ditto.
  • Legacy of Rage. Ditto, but it does star the late Brandon Lee.
  • Spooky Encounters. Ditto, stars Sammo Hung.

That does it for this week, hopefully their is something there for you!

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