April 1, 2005

Metallica Like You've Never Heard Before!

Metal fans rejoice! It appears that Dave Mustaine will be reuniting with his former band!

Many of you younger metal fans may not be aware, but before the formation of Megadeth, Mustaine was a member of the mighty Metallica. Before Metallica released their first album, Kill'em All, there was a falling out between them. Kirk Hammett would leave an early version of Exodus and take over guitar duties in Metallica. Dave Mustaine would then go on to form Megadeth with its revolving line up of musicians. If you look at the liner notes for that first Metallica album you'll even discover that Mustaine is listed as co-songwriter on a few of them. That list would include the classic track "Four Horsemen" which would also appear in a different version on the debut Megadeth album, Killing is My Business....And Business is Good, but it was called "Mechanix."

Anyway, back to this bombshell, I have seen it reported in various places around the net that James Hetfield and Dave Mustaine are burying the hatchet. Hetfield is quoted as saying "This has gone on for too long, things were crazy back then. Drugs, alcohol, we were all hard partiers. It was a different time. That's behind us, we've matured a lot since those days." On the other side Mustaine seems equally ready to put the past in the past "I was so far down the dark path I didn't see what I had in front of me, of course I did a lot of great stuff with Megadeth, but this is a chance to see what my life could have been like." This is huge, the possibility of hearing Hetfield and Mustaine trade riffs on classic Metallica and Megadeth tracks could become something of legend.

Imagine hearing Hetfield's playing on "Peace Sells," or "Holy Wars." Even better imagine Mustaine being a part of "Sanitarium," or "Enter Sandman." Or, or, I am getting giddy over the possibilities, how about a duet(the metal variety, of course) between the two of them? They each have such distinctive voices.

The good news is tempered by the inability to have that classic Metallica lineup include the late Cliff Burton on bass. He was an amazing talent that will forever be missed. That said, there have been hints that Jason Newsted may be enticed to return to the fold, at least temporarily. As I am writing this, Newsted had not yet been reached for a comment, although Robert Trujillo seems to be OK with the concept saying "I'm still the new kid here." Anyway, it could be interesting. Nobody seems to be talking about Ron McGoveny, who preceded Burton's arrival.

Kirk Hammett, on the other hand is a different story, he apparently feels slighted and perhaps a little betrayed after his dedication to Metallica. All that could be gotten out of him was "No comment." Although reports say that he wasn't doing much to hide his disgust in the turn of events. And if I could interject here, I wouldn't blame him if he was upset, he is an incredible guitar player who has been an integral part of the band since their debut album.

Lars Uhlrich, on the other hand, seems excited at the possibilities. He is quoted as saying "The fans are going to love this. I'm excited over what this is going to do to us as a band." And on how long this may last: "I don't know, things feel great right now, high energy. Hopefully it won't end up like the Van Halen reunion."

It looks like one thing that is high on their agenda is to go back into the studio and re-record Kill'em All "the way it could have been, it's going to be great" so says Lars. I am guessing it will be something like what Iced Earth did on Days of Purgatory, where they re-recorded early tracks with their long time singer Matthew Barlow, or Anthrax with The Greater of Two Evils where the re did tracks with John Bush. Speaking of which, Anthrax is also reuniting, one can only hope they make some new music, and could you imagine a tour featuring these two metal legends?

Anyway, I can barely contain myself, this is huge metal news. I could hardly believe it when I first saw the word. Only time will tell if this is one for the history books, or another David Lee Roth and Van Halen.

Check it out at Metallica's site, and on Megadeth's site.


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