November 15, 2004

CD Review: Papa Roach: Getting Away With Murder

Papa Roach first came to my attention way back in 2000 when they released their debut Infest. I liked this album a lot. It leaned heavily towards radio friendly mainstream, but it still had a heavy quality all unto itself. It was full of heavy clipped riffs, clever lyrics, and an overall fun but serious attitude. When their second album dropped in 2002, Lovehatetragedy, I had more or less lost interest and skipped this release. Two more years pass and they have released this, heir third album, upon the masses and I decided to check it out and see if they were any different than when I first encountered them.

First I saw the video for the title track, Getting Away with Murder, and had to do a double take. I came in during the video and missed the band name, it sounded like Papa Roach, but it didn't really look like them. Then I recognized Coby Dick, a little different than the version I remember from four years ago. Anyway, it was a good song, heavy riff, playful spirit, figured I'd look into the rest of the album and see how the rest of the album stacked up.

I've listened through a few times, and it grows on you. My initial reaction wasn't really all that great. It sounded like they were losing that harder edge they had on the first album, the lyrics sounded less clever and more generic, overall I was let down. But, one of the better tests I put an album to, is to listen to it while driving around. I listen to music in my car every day, I spend at least one hour in the car a day, giving me time to get through a lot of songs. Some albums play better than others in the cruising arena, this one plays very well. Translated, it will get a good amount of play.

The album is still a mixed bag, musically. Jacoby Shaddix's vocals sound good, but the lyrics aren't up to par as their earlier release, but on the flip side, they are catchy. The album is at it's best when they are playing the heavier tracks with clipped, staccato guitars, it has a distinctive Papa Roach sound, otherwise the start to blend in with the other radio friendly acts.

The top songs would have to be Not Listening, and the title track, Getting Away with Murder. I guess I can't be too hard on them, the album does have some decent riffs and it is good to drive to, but it is not a better collection for these guys. I would recommend that you go back and pop Infest back in the player and drive.

Mildly Recommended.


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