October 16, 2004

Farscape Returns 10/17!!!

Just a reminder to all of you faithful that the Farscape mini-series begins at 9pm Eastern time on the Sci-Fi Channel. For those of you who do not know, this is one of my all time favorite television shows, a wildly original and imaginative series cut down in it's prime. Fortunately the powers that be have decided to bring it back for a 4 hour mini series.

Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars
Part 1: 10/17 9:00PM
Part 2: 10/18 9:00PM

I encourage all of you to check it out, and hopefully see why I love it so much. I own the entire run on DVD and plan on rewatching it soon, when I do I will post thoughts and reviews as I go along. If you like the mini series, and are interested in the series, the DVD's are available in 2-4 episode volumes or season sets at Amazon.

To give a brief overview of what the series is all about, it tells the tale of John Crichton (Ben Browder). He is an astronaut/scientist flying an experimental ship of his own design, he is sucked into a wormhole and deposited at some distant region of the universe. There he meets up with a group of diverse aliens each with their own agenda. From there he struggles to find a way home while avoiding those forces which desire his knowledge or just want him dead. It is an amazing series which deserves to still be on.


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