August 2, 2004

Quick Views

The Bourne Supremacy: Excellent film. Well written, acted, directed, not perfect by any stretch. It is nice to see an exciting movie that does not rely on special effects. This movie relied on primarily practical effects, to great effect. Also, Matt Damon is turning into an excellent action star, his ability to act helps him on that front. I hope to see more of him on the action front.

TV Premiere DVD's: Available at Target and Amazon, these disks offer the premiere episode of a number of TV shows that have season sets out. The cost very little and have a mail in rebate if you end up buying the full set. It's a great idea to sample shows I may not necessarily be interested in. I wish it was more than Warner Brothers that did it.

The 4400: This has been a fascinating series on USA. I believe there are only 1 or 2 more episodes left, but I hope it gets picked up for more. It concerns 4400 (duh) people who were abducted over the past 80 years (I think) who are suddenly returned without having aged a day. Now they are coping with readjusting, plus the emergence of special powers. Well written, not the best acted, but very good anyway.


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