January 8, 2018

Trailer Park: The Commuter

It is amazing to see how an actor seems to completely reinvent themselves. Liam Neeson, I always looked at as that respectable drama actor type, but then something changed. Liam became the ultimate cinematic badass, the likes we haven’t seen since Charles Bronson’s heyday. Well, that may take it a bit too far, Neeson is no Bronson, but there is no denying the string of action/thrillers that he has put out over the past decade or so and the entertainment they have delivered. Yes, the Taken films have run out of steam, but now we have another Taken-style thriller. Will it deliver the goods? One can hope.

The trailer for The Commuter reveals a solid cast that includes Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, and Jonathan Banks, alongside Neeson. In the director’s chair is Jaume Collett-Serra, a frequent Neeson collaborator, having helmed Run All Night, Non-Stop, and Unknown. He also directed the excellent horror/thriller Orphan. So, if nothing else, we should get a slick fun time at the theater. One can hope. I do like that Neeson’s character isn’t another government special agent type.



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