November 4, 2017

Concert Review: Fabio Frizzi, Brooklyn, NY (10/30/17)

It was just over two years ago that I first had the pleasure of witnessing the genius of Fabio Frizzi live and in person. It was one of those transcendental, bucket list moments that I never thought I would ever get to experience. I am fast learning that those “I never thought” thoughts are never a lock. I mean, this came after I saw Iron Maiden (four times now), a band I never thought I’d get the chance to see live and after I saw Goblin (at the same venue as Frizzi, no less). Since that time I have seen another “I never thought” in the person of John Carpenter. I have pulled off a horror trifecta. Now, I have had the absolute pleasure of seeing Fabio Frizzi a second time (and in another week will be able to say the same for Goblin).

The concert fell on the eve of Halloween and was the second of a two night stay at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. The first night was a performance of the composer’s cut of The Beyond, performed live to the movie. This second night was more of an overview, covering a large portion of his career, including some recent work that he’s done for a radio drama that hasn’t been officially released yet.

Now, one of the best things about this particular show was that it was my girlfriend’s first time seeing him perform. You know that feeling you get when you have the opportunity to witness a friend experience something you know they are going to love? Yes you do, it is a wonderfully satisfying feeling. I just knew she was going to love seeing Fabio Frizzi and his Frizzi2Fulci band live.

It was about twenty minutes after 9PM when the lights dimmed and the band took the stage. He opened with a song I was nt familiar with but sounded great. From there he transitioned to a lengthy suite from The Psychic (aka Seven Notes in Black). After that we got pieces from Four of the Apocalypse, Manhattan Baby, Contraband, The Beyond, City of the Living Dead, and Cat in the Brain. It was a great mix of the big popular themes and some lesser known gems. Let me say the the Psychic suite and the pieces from Manhattan Baby sounded great in particular.

The band, which was the same one he had for the tour two years ago, was as impressive as ever. Technically proficient and playing with emotion. It was a powerful combination of technique and feeling that really kept me in for the entire show.

As Fabio teased the end of the show, my girlfriend immediately got vocal: “I need Zombie!” I assured her, he would not stop the show without playing one of his most popular themes. True to form, they did play music from Zombie, including some of the island inspired pieces.

Following Zombie, the show did come to an end. There was a lengthy standing ovation as Frizzi stood at the front of the stage with his band, a big smile on his face. I have to say, he is a very genuine individual and I hope to see him again.

I was able to get a lot of footage and more than a few pictures:

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