June 28, 2017

Outcast Interview: Ben Dukes of Karate Kill

Kurando Mitsutake’s martial arts actioner, ‘Karate Kill’ will be released on US DVD and Blu-ray on July 18, 2017.

The film centers around a Karate master who trawls the mean streets of L.A. in search of his missing sister. The cast includes “entertainer” Ben Dukes, who spoke to us for an exclusive yak about the film recently.

You’re a man of many talents, Ben. What do you consider yourself first and foremost – an actor or singer?

I’ve always thought of myself as an entertainer, pure and simple. Whether that takes the form of acting, or singing, or just making jokes while standing in line at the grocery – I like to entertain folks. I don’t need to just be one thing, or be primarily one thing… so long as I can keep making people laugh, cry, FEEL something… that’s enough for me.

What came first and how did one lead to the other?

I moved to Los Angeles to develop an acting career and had a very little bit of that going on for a while… and then I moved into music after the death of my father. When he died, I put my emotions into a song, and that song wound up finding an audience… I was encouraged by some dear friends to continue writing and performing, so I did – and then, as life tends to do, acting brought itself back around a few years later.

Was Karate Kill your first major film?

I think I can safely say yes. I’ve done other films, and some television, but as far as world-wide action-type fare, absolutely.

How was it working with Kurando? Was he a collaborative director?

Kurando was awesome. He and I discussed what he was looking for out of Charlie, and how best to bring that to bear. I had some suggestions, he had some suggestions, together we created a guy who, though seen for only a short time, brings a nice element of danger to the story.

I imagine most of your scenes were shot in L.A?

Haha..Yes, despite how it appears on film, the big redneck shot his scenes in Los Angeles, not in Texas.

Has the role in the film opened up more doors for you – particularly in the action genre?

There has definitely been an uptick in talks for what I can do. I’d love to bring more fighting to the screen, and hopefully my experience in Karate Kill will help me do just that.

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