June 9, 2017

Movie Review: Peelers

Do you ever look at a description of a movie or watch a trailer and just know that you should stay away from it? Of course you have, we have all been confronted with a movie that seems so bland or derivative that they hardly seem worth your time. Peelers is one of those movies. Take the concept: strippers versus zombies. Hardly a fresh concept, it has been a number of times over the past few years, and I cannot say any of them have been all that entertaining. Peelers doesn’t change the trend and tends to the dry and boring side.

Peelers was directed by Seve Schelenz, who previously helmed Skew and has spent much of his career working as an editor (Santa Buddies). Screenplay duties were handled by first timer Lisa DeVita. Together they have crafted a dark (as in lighting), dull, and uninspired horror/comedy. Seriously, there really isn’t much going on here to hold your interest.

The story follows a former baseball player turned strip club owner, Blue Jeans Douglas (Wren Walker). She is hanging up the tassels and is selling the strip club to a shady businessman, however before they close they have one last big night. Strippers take the stage, the bouncer longs for the owner, all on set that looks like a set. Then some local coal miners stop in to celebrate finding oil, but they turn out to be infected with some manner of biological agent and start killing people, it spreads and soon the strippers are fighting for their lives.

You know, you would think that Peelers would be entertaining on some level, but watching a stripper pee as part of her act just doesn’t do it. The characters are all flat and well, characterless. The horror is less than horrific and and the comedy just isn’t funny, and all of the baseball jokes were forced.

Peelers is a movie that I watched just waiting for it to be over. There is no wit, personality, or frights to be found. It is really just a waste of time.

Not Recommended.

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