March 18, 2016

Monster Mania 33 - Photographic Recap

I have written about Monster Mania before, and if you have read those, there isn’t a heck of a lot more to say. The experiences are all similar, yet different. Monster Mania is becoming a family reunion with the folks you want to spend time with. Every show I go to, I see old friends, make new friends, meet some great celebrities, see some cool art and merchandise, and always leave exhausted but wanting more. Sure, people will complain about guest lists, or cost, but there is so much more to these events than that. Focus on the positive and there is no way you can’t have a good time.

As I sit and reflect on the past weekend, I just want to go and list all of the people who had a positive impact on my ability to enjoy the weekend. To do that would take a long time, so I am not going to do that; however, if you are reading this, you know who you are. If there is one thing I have learned over the past few years of convention going, it is just how awesome the horror community is (yes, there are some bad apples, but we don’t talk about them). Every time I go, I leave with more friends than I started with and some great memories. So, why not take a look at some of the photos from the show?

Let's start with the obligatory shot of the hotel upon our arrival:

Followed by a shot from the room, not a bad view:

The first celebrity I went to meet was John Kassir. My Star Trek poster caught Kane Hodder's eye (he signed it at the last Monster Mania in Cherry Hill, NJ). John commented on their rhyming characters (Gar and Jem'Hadar).

For those of you who do not know John Kassir, perhaps the next photo will help. He is a really nice guy who hung out at the bar each night chatting with fans.

Next up is a young, former cast member of The Walking Dead and American Horror Story, Major Dodson. He got a kick out hearing me say I wanted to kill his character... ""

Next up is another former cast member of The Walking Dead, as well as having been in Insidious 2 and 3, Steve Coulter.

Next is yet another former cast member of The Walking Dead, Tovah Feldshuh, an actress I at first confused with Kate Mulgrew.

The picture is blurry (I got a better one later), but here I am with Quinn Lord, he was Sam in Trick 'R Treat. He really liked my glow in the dark Quiltface Studios print for the film.

Here I am with Kate Hodge, her first starring role was in Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 3, among a cast that included Ken Foree and Viggo Mortensen. She also starred in Rapid Fire with Brandon Lee.

Jordan Ladd is absolutely lovely. She was in Death Proof, Cabin Fever, Grace, and others. She even remembered meeting me a few years ago when we were interrupted by a couple of drunks. She says that she always seems to be a magnet for drunks, but did an all right job avoiding them this weekend.

Ran into this bodysuit wearing fellow:

Zoe Bell was a last minute addition to the convention and immediately jumped up on my must meet list. She was as amazing as you may think. Sweet, gracious and happy to be there. I would definitely jump at a chance to meet her again. In case you are wondering: Kill Bill (Uma Thurman's stunt double), Death Proof, Bitch Slap, The Hateful Eight, and others.

Pretty good Carl cosplay. He said he made the eye patch from an old Freddy Krueger mask.

The fourth new addition to my The Walking Dead poster, the lovely Alexandra Breckinridge.

Here is one of my favorite celebrity pictures of the weekend, it is me with Mizuho Yoshida, he was the Godzilla suit actor in one of my favorites, GMK: Giant Monsters All Out Attack. He also played the title character in the two Zeiram films, not to mention motion capture work for some Metal Gear Solid films. There may have been a language barrier, but he was awesome.

Showdown of the giants:

Candyman, himself, Tony Todd. He was in a very talkative mood, talking cooking with the couple in front of me and talking with me about Enemy Territory and the hopeful Blu-ray release and documentary. Great fellow, plus he also remembered meeting me in the past, saying he recognized my eyes.

Jason was very popular, here he is being recorded by Billy Wirth from The Lost Boys.

Here is a man who turned out to be a lot cooler than I was expecting. He talked to every person in his line like they were old friends, would take candids, spend time with the kids, and just be an all around great fellow. I like him even more now. Plus, he liked my beard.

This is how the VIP party started:

Godzilla cake!

Scream cake!

Kenpachiro Satsuma and Mizuho Yoshida checking out the cake:

Here I am sandwiched in between two Godzillas!

This delightful woman had a line the entire weekend. Here I was able to catch a moment with her at the VIP party.

This guy is a lot taller than I was expecting him to be. Abe Benrubi from ER and Parker Lewis Can't Lose, among others.

Was able to catch another shot with Matt Lillard before he cut the Scream cake.

G Tom Mac, the man behind "Cry Little Sister." I even made it to a video clip he posted to Facebook, where he calls me Mr. Beard Man.

Allan Frog, better known as Jamison Newlander.

Billy Wirth, one of The Lost Boys.

 Here is a better picture of me and Quinn Lord:

The second day of the convention began with meeting Machete, himself! A one Mr. Danny Trejo. He signed my Devil's Rejects poster, looked at one of the other signatures and asked "Who's that?" I answer "That's Sid Haig." He looks at me, laughs and asks "Was he drunk?" Very funny guy.

From outside my window, I see the I Scream Truck.

The lovely Sarah Wayne Callies, the fifth addition of the weekend to my Walking Dead poster, although I preferred her on Prison Break. I did mention seeing The Other Side of the Door, she told me that it was only meant for international distribution, but Fox picked it up, said they were putting it in 500 theaters and then didn't tell anyone!

I saw these Hudson Horror Show fliers all over the place...

Jason just needs some love.

One of the many cool vendors

I don't think it would be Monster Mania without a picture with gRiN.

Another kick ass table, manned by the classic rap duo of James and Brandon

Here we have a little Neegan to tide you over.

What is Monster Mania without Pennywise? A little less creepy. That's the answer.

I hope Han Solo isn't around.

Anyone like Donnie Darko?

How about a member of the KISS Army?

Another convention mainstay, they always creepy, Father Evil.

Catching the clown by surprise....

The hotel food line to keep the con goers full.

A little Insidious cosplay...

You never know who you may run into...

Deadites beware!

Who ya gonna call?

Was careful not to get to close to this fella.

Dr. Satan!

Michael is trying to escape. Danny Trejo better watch out.

Found this parked pretty far away from the hotel as we walked back from dinner.

Hello, nurse!

The Saw is Family.

You'd best watch out when these two are together and reading from this book:

Matthew Lillard panel. He was a fantastic speaker, he did not use a moderator and he did (obviously) did not stay up at the table. He was open, friendly, and clearly having a blast. He told a great story about himself growing up and being a working actor, talking about how sporadic the work can be, not knowing when you will work next, and how appreciative he and others are for the money we pay for autographs and such. He also spoke highly of his work as Shaggy and how he is very proud of the role.

The next panel was with Danny Trejo. This guy is a blast, always laughing, smiling, and having a good time. He is also very open about his time in prison, his substance abuse past, and his work as a drug counselor. Big fan of this guy.

The final panel was a Lost Boys reunion featuring G Tom Mac, Jamison Newlander, and Billy Wirth. The biggest part of this panel was a tribute to fellow Lost Boy Brooke McCarter who recently passed away. He was good friends with Billy Wirth and played drums for G Tom Mac. I am not the biggest fan, but it was interesting to see them come together and pay tribute.

Once the panel was over, they cleared the stage and G Tom Mac performed a few songs, including a cover of The Doors "People are Strange" and the classic "Cry Little Sister."

These Hudson Horror Show fliers were everywhere!

He was looking for an old guy with one leg. He settled for bald and bearded.

On the left there is Jeordie White, aka Twiggy Ramirez.

Here is the snazzy Gray Matter Art table.

This was a fantastic moment, artist and monster lover Jeff Zornow meeting and giving some art to Mizuho Yoshida. Jeff's enthusiasm was amazing, he could scarcely be contained. I am surprised he was still long enough for this picture to come out.

More fliers...

Somebody is ready for the Yorkie Rescue charity auction.

Here is some of the stuff that was up for auction.

Rob Dimension is there running the show, keeping everything fun!

And that about wraps it up....

Until August!

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