November 2, 2015

Movie Review: Paranormal Activity - The Ghost Dimension

We have certainly come a long way, but it is finally over. Well, that could mean the end of the franchise or it could just mean the end of this story cycle. While I can be counted among the fans of this series, I honestly hope this is the end of it. Period. I always felt like the Paranormal Activity had a limited shelf life. I haven't even gone back and rewatched any of the series, never really felt the need to. Now it is over as Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension has graced theater screens.

This final film in the saga begins by showing us the end of the last film, you remember that guy getting folded in half and then the old woman taking Christy and Katie up the stairs? Yeah, that. We then jump to 2013, a family has moved into the new home that was built on top of where the two girls grew up. This being the case, bad things are going to happen. Right? Of course.

The strange things begin to happen when they find a big old camera in a box from the garage, believed to be from the prior owner. Of course, they start filming everything with it and watching the found tapes. It turns out the camera is a spirit camera, designed to pick up supernatural phenomena. And since the word paranormal is in the title, they start to pick up stuff.

Toby makes its presence felt, talking to the family’s young daughter. Through it all they decide to set up some cameras and see things appearing through the new camera. So, we get. People watching tapes, making recordings, sometimes things jump at the camera, other times it is a weak game of where’s Waldo? Much like earlier entries.

I don't know, I just don't feel like talking much about this film, I just feel relieved it is over. It seemed, as the series went on, they were reaching for ideas to throw out to make sure it all ties together in some roundabout fashion, not unlike the later entries in the Saw series (the series that this had supplanted as the Halloween staple for a few years).

The thing about this movie, and series in general, is we are getting the story from the people it is happening to rather than those the story is about. This mean, if you are looking for a movie with actual plot, you would be better served looking elsewhere.

Overall, the movie looks good. Certainly has more of a budget than the first film did. The addition of 3D also worked quite well, it was used rather effectively. Still, it comes down to all build up and no payoff. It ends on a whimper and with that, we are done.

Recommended only for fans to finish it off.

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