June 26, 2015

Sound Byte: Shardborne - Living Bridges

As much as I like music, I do not listen to a whole lot of instrumental music outside of film scores. However, that is not to say there is not a lot of great instrumental music out there. One of my earlier CD's was a well played copy of Steve Vai's Passion and Warfare, an early favorite that featured some great playing and experimentation. Also, one of my favorite bands is all instrumental (Goblin). Still, instrumental is rarely a go to for me. I guess I should be glad that the latest from Shardborne crossed my desk. Living Bridges is a rather exciting work.

Shardborne is a progressive metal instrumental band hailing from Limerick, Ireland. Their latest album is Living Bridges, it is entirely instrumental and is pretty exhilarating to the ear holes. Sometimes, when I think of progressive music, my mind wanders into long running songs featuring a multitude of solos that often overshadow the song. In my mind I know this is not the case in many circumstances, but my irrational mind often goes in that direction. Living Bridges does not do that.

This record does put on a technical showcase with some great wizardry being performed on those instruments, but more than that, there is some excellent song composition here. Shardborne is not about showing off a technical showcase on each instrument, they let their collective efforts shine through in the effort of creating a sonic journey. Each song sounds definitely like the same band, but each one takes you on a journey where the four-piece shine as one.

Some music is meant to be savored, and this is a good example. You have plenty of options, listen to the expertise of each instrument reveal itself, or, my preferred take, just listen and let the tapestry of Shardborne just wash over you. These guys are the real deal demonstrating both hard power and gentle beauty at the same time. If you like instrumental progressive, Shardborne's Loving Bridges may be for you.

Highly Recommended.

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