June 23, 2015

Sound Byte: Native Construct - Quiet World

Over the years, I have listened to my fair share of strange music. You know, the stuff that exists outside the mainstream and could be termed a little eclectic. I would include acts like Mr. Bungle, Secret Chiefs III, My Own Private Alaska, and some of Les Claypool’s projects among them. I now have another one to add to the mix, Native Construct. This is not a bad thing. There is something to be said about those who experiment outside of the usual some structure and try to create something new and different. Native Construct is certainly different, and I think I kind of like it.

This trio of Berklee College of Music graduates were quickly signed to Metal Blade records and then took a few years to craft, compose, and create the album known as Quiet World. The album is beautiful, complex, and has a lot to offer the music fan. It is also quite different than anything I have listened to before. I am not trying to say this hasn’t been done before, but in my limited scope, it feels fresh. It is quite impressive everything that they mash up into this release. Quiet World covers an awful lot of ground and styles, and that can be in just one song.

Native Construct have made an album that moves with fluid ease between jazz, soft rock, classical orchestrations, and hard rock. We all know the connection between classical music composition and hard rock and metal, but these guys have taken it to another, much more literal level. Each song leads to a sonic journey through a variety of styles with smooth as silk transitions from jazzy saxophone to growled vocals and blast beats.

Sounds weird, doesn’t it? It is, if all you do is read it. When you listen to it in execution, you will wonder why you even questioned it. This debut full length is impressive, mature, and really stands out in a crowd. To really write about this would seem really rather scattershot, it is only when you experience it, that you will recognize just how good this thing really is.

Highly Recommended.

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