June 24, 2015

Sound Byte: Enforcer - From Beyond

Thrash and the classic metal sound, I am convinced will never go away. Just like there are singers and bands keeping the sounds of Sinatra, The Beatles, and others alive, that classic sound of metal pioneered in the 1980’s will never go away. Whether you are talking about acts like Warbringer, 3 Inches of Blood, or the fact that bands like Iron Maiden are still releasing new music, metal will never die. This cannot be in more evidence than when you check out recent releases from bands like Ranger, or this new one from thrashers Enforcer. From the old school cover art and logo to the execution of the sound, be ready to put your horns up high.

Emanating from Sweden, Enforcer has been delivering retro-thrash since they formed in 2004 and released their first album in 2008. Of course, From Beyond (their fourth album) is the first one I have had any exposure to. It did not immediately grab me like Ranger’s Where Evil Dwells album did, but give it a few songs and it will win you over.

The music is thrashy, fun, and old school. There is a certain lightness to their music, you can tell they are not about being super serious, so much as they are about getting a crowd going. It is pretty easy to tell that they are probably a lot of fun in a live setting. I can just see the flashing lights, the ripping riffs, and a crowd ready to explode. And not in a bad way either, I see old school hand banging, fists in the air, that sort of thing. I have been to shows where a band hits the stage and when the first chord hits, it is like someone threw chum in the water and there are feet and fists everywhere, looking more like a brawl than a pit.

It is a little funny, I am not sure what it is, but I am unsure what to really say about them. They are certainly a guitar and riff driver act and while I cannot say they are great, there is something undeniably catchy as you listen to them. The problem is that I do not really find them to be memorable, not long after I stop listening, I do not really recall the sound. Perhaps an analogy could be made with fast food.

Enforcer is a band to listen to bang your head, and have some fun with, but they are not one I would see myself going back to the well with very often. This is not meant to sound negative, as I quite enjoy the album, I am just not sure they really distinguish themselves as someone I would go back to again and again. In the end, it may not matter as From Beyond is a fun album and I have no problems with them coming through my speakers.


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