June 15, 2015

Convention Experience: Eternal Con 2015

This past January, I took a trip down to Long Island in such treacherous conditions that most would consider me crazy for even attempting. I am serious about this, I am not sure I have ever seen that many wrecked cars (including a couple on their roof) in my life. Still, I went. My target? NY Horror Show. I went specifically for three autographs. While there I got a postcard advertising another show. Guess where I went for a day this past weekend? Eternal Con, the show being advertised. Fortunately, the weather was better.

Note: pictures are at the bottom.

I decided I was going to go pretty quickly. In fact, I was going to break a convention going rule, don't go for just one person. Why is that a rule? Because if that one person cancels, you are probably not going to enjoy yourself. Fortunately, they added a few more folks I was interested in. Sadly, one did cancel, but it was due to health issues. Nichelle Nichols was scheduled to be there, but she is recovering from a recent mild stroke, thoughts with her for a speedy recovery.

So, I make it down to the venue, which is not the usual hotel or convention center, more on that in a bit. As I was walking from the parking lot, a fellow with two children asked if I had a ticket, I said no and he had an extra he needed to sell, so I did, saved five dollars in the process. I got inside and started to look around. Toys and comic books everywhere, tons of people in Star Wars, anime, and superhero costumes. It was a far cry from the horror memorabilia, Jason, and Freddy costumes that I am used to.

Anyway, I looked around for a bit and then headed to the second floor where the celebrities were. My first stop was the guest who sealed my decision to go, Gigi Edgley. You don't know who she is? For shame! She was Chiana on Farscape, and if you don't know that show, you owe it to yourself to check it out. It is a fantastic science fiction series featuring some great Muppets. Seriously.

It was great chatting with her about the sad demise of the show. We also had the humorous exchange where I mentioned my sister had met her the day before, she looked up and said my sister's name. It was crazy how she made the connection. She also likes to take photos in multiple poses. Overall, she was really nice and glad I got to meet her.

From there, I went over to meet Vernon Wells, famous for Wez in Road Warrior and Bennett in Commando. He was really cool, mentioned how cold the Road Warrior shoot was and how good George Miller is. We also discussed the new Max film, which he loved the action and stunts in, but was not a fan of the movie for lack of story. I disagree, but didn't say anything. Very nice fellow and is good with us fans.

To his left was another fellow I wanted to meet, Larry Kenney. He was another nice guy. He is a voice actor most famous for voicing Lion-O on Thundercats, as well as Count Chockula. He had a nice selection of stills and drawings. I had him sign a sweet watercolor print of Lion-O.

I moved back past Gigi's table, but she flagged me down and asked me to help with some pictures for a fan. Funny moment.

Next was Marina Sirtis, Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation. I had met her before, but I did not have my Trek poster at the time. So, I had her sign that and mentioned meeting her at Chiller a couple of years ago. It is funny to hear her speak with her British accent.

I then decided to explore the con a bit. There were lots of rooms and nooks to explore. Now, I mentioned the odd venue for a con. It was held at the Cradle of Aviation Museum. I addition to all the great con stuff, you had all the museum stuff as well. The hall of artists was all set. Up in front of museum stuff. It was like a convention with a bonus. I chatted with some cool. Artists as well, picking up a couple of original sketches in the process.

As I explored the artists and vendors, I stumbled across the line for comic book artist John Romita, Jr. He was signing for free, you just had to supply the item. So, I went out to one of the comic dealers who had some of the attending artists work out. I looked though the box and found a pretty cool looking Spider-Man cover and got that signed. As an added bonus, the room they had him in also contained an unused LEM from an aborted Apollo mission. Neat stuff.

I then went back upstairs and found that Mick Foley had arrived. So, I got in line to meet the legend and found him to be just as nice in person as I expected. He was gracious and accommodating to fans. I watched as one guy get out in a headlock for his picture.

With that done, I took another pass around looking at all of the art and toys available. So much stuff to look at. It was a real good convention and I would definitely consider going again next year. What else can I say? Eternal Con is a winner.

Picture time! In sequential order....

Gigi Edgley of Farscape

Vernon Wells of Road Warrior and Commando

Larry Kenney - Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats, HOOOOO!

Marina Sirtis - Troi on Star Trek: TNG

Comic artist John Romita, Jr.

The wrestling legend, Mick Foley aka Mankind aka Cactus Jack aka Dude Love

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