May 22, 2015

Movie Review: Leprechaun 2

The Leprechaun series of movies are kind of an odd duck so far as horror franchises go. With six movies (seven, if you count the recent remake/reboot), only two ever landed on the big screen. After watching this first sequel it is easy to see why. The series is not particularly graphic or salacious, it is kind of a crossover horror/comedy you can use to introduce people to horror in a safe fashion. I guess. The original 1993 movie had a certain amount of charm, a delightful performance by Warwick Davis, and an early appearance of Jennifer Aniston. This one, not so much.

This movie arrived just a year after the original. It comes with a new cast, a new director, and a new story. It was directed by Rodman Flender, which sounds like a name made up by someone who may not want to be associated with the movie, an alternative Alan Smithee. Seriously, though, it is his real name and while his career has primarily been on television, he also directed The Unborn and the fun Idle Hands.

"Blended Canadian? The only whisky is Irish Whisky!"

As the second tale of the Leprechaun opens, we find the wee fellow chasing down his magically controlled controlled slave as he falls of how he is on the hunt for his bride. Just how does he get a woman to go for the likes of him and his ugly mug? Magic, of course. She will sneeze three times without a "God bless you." "Sneeze once, sneeze twice, you will be my bride when you sneeze thrice."

Well, his plot fails. It would have been much too early to give him his bride, the title hadn't even appeared! The Leprechaun now has to wait one thousand years to try again and it is here that the tale is picked up. It is modern day and the title villain has his eyes set on a young woman named Bridget (Shevonne Durkin), much to the chagrin of her boyfriend, Cody (Charlie Heath).

There really isn't a lot to the story. It is essentially a string of Leprechaun and Irish themed gags with boyfriend/girlfriend bits strewn here and there. It is fitfully funny, and that is because of Warwick Davis. I cannot say that I liked it, but Davis is just so good in the role, he was made for it.

Davis has some great timing and just the right expressions for delivering funny lines with a side of malevolent intent. There is his fascination with dirty shoes (not quite as good as the original) and his collection of random bits of gold he comes across that help make the character entertaining. He also has some fun kills, most notably when he lures a young fellow into the propellers of a lawnmower disguised as the naked chest of the Leprechaun's would be bride, Bridget.

While I really like Warwick Davis, I really cannot say the same about this movie. It never really takes off, I never got drawn in as the story, such as it is, just kind of sits there. I am not sure how to word it, but I never felt involved. I was more about waiting for the next gag to drop. This is far from a must see, but there are worse ways to kill time.

Not Recommended.

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