March 26, 2015

The Love of Horror Conventions is Under Attack... or something.

There has been a lot going around on Facebook of late concerning the rising costs of conventions. This is nothing new, but a firestorm was kicked up by a picture someone took of the price list for an actress on a currently hot television show. I am sure you all know who I am talking about and the show I am talking about. . The picture was taken at the recent Horrorhound convention and I cannot really say I am against the trouble or brewed up. Seriously, it was a cash grab taking advantage of fans and nothing less. I would have walked away too.

What was the problem, you ask? Well, besides over charging for an autograph and a picture, there was also a "meet and greet" fee. Basically, if all you wanted to do was say hello and maybe thank them for their work or whatnot, it was going to cost you, whether you wanted an autograph, a picture, or not. It is stuff like this that is going to cause the downfall of the convention experience, which seems to be deteriorating for some already. In many cases, it is more about the money than the fans. This is sad. It also makes me glad that generally, the folks I want to meet come from an older school and get it. On the flip side, I will also not begrudge anyone from making the money while they can, this may be their only chance for it. Fame can be fleeting.

Here is a reason to go to a con, friends. This is me with fellow  pals
Chad of Horror Movie BBQ and James aka Doc Terror

I am sure, if you are reading this, you have probably seen my convention recap columns and videos. I rarely get into the negatives their, there are others that do that for me, but believe me when I can say I do understand the negative angles. Sadly, I got into going to these events after the golden age of cheap or no cost autographs. We currently live in an age where conventions have become big business with managers and agents and such getting involved and wanting a piece of the pie. An age where even babies can be considered guests at a convention (yes, it's true).

Each show seems to be getting more and more expensive. From autograph cross going up, to separate picture fees, to pro photo ops, to people charge extra for a picture off their table. Where will it end? I guess when we, the fans, stop going. I will admit I often find it difficult to walk away from a guest I really want to meet, but I have. What we need are more people like Sid Haig and PJ Soles who put their fans first and still have lines of people waiting to meet them.

Class act that Sid Haig. We need more like him.

Now, I understand this is a job for them and convention appearances are the celebrities punching the clock, if you will. I am not looking for them to sign for free, I will also not begrudge them making money (how much they may or may not have is not the issue). What I would like to see are celebrities remembering what it is like to be a fan and reign in their prices. They will still make money, but they will also make us all the happier.

I am not at the point of swearing off conventions, I love them, I love the moments I get with the celebrities I choose to meet, I love the cool stuff the vendors have, I Leo the friends I have made, and those who recognize me from this site or Facebook, or from my videos. I will continue to go as I can to meet the people I want, however, I may start thinking twice about some of these prices.

Another classy man on the circuit, Bill Mosely.

I am a big autograph guy, and sometimes that precludes me from spending a lot of money on vendors, I would like that to change. At least, see some prices come back down so I can afford to. Believe me, I would like to go get all of those indie horror films to cover here on, but just cannot afford it.

I know I am rambling a bit here, not unlike other recent columns. All I am saying is that there are some celebrities and agents out there who seem intent on fleecing the fans of all they can. They may cover by saying they are striking while the iron is hot, I get that, but they have to recognize they are overdoing it and killing the enjoyment many of us get out going to these shows. There was a picture of the actress in question's line and it was empty. I hope this sends a sign to those trying to overdo it on the price sheet. I love going to these things as much as the next horror lover, but sometimes I feel that love is under attack by greed and a business mindset that is trying to supersede the fun.

Another reason to go to cons, vendors. Like my friend Kevin, he is an amazing artist (

This is supposed to be fun, not a chore, not a grumbling line. We should be having a good time celebrating what we love and those who appear in the shows and films we love. Let's try to keep the fun in it. I want to keep enjoying these cons and the people who appear and those who attend. It seems the family is becoming a bit more dysfunctional. Let's bring it together and keep things positive.

I hope to see some of you crazy folks at future shows, be sure to say hi and get a picture with me, I don't charge, although I may bite..... Print out an article of mine and I'll gladly sign it for you to. Not sure it would be worth much, but it would be pretty cool. Right?

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Bj Sizemore said...

I'm an artist for Amelia Kinkade, Circus Envy, and close friends with he and Elvira's Twin (Patterson Lundquist) and I've seen the Walking Dead talent rooms completely, well, dead, due to the attitudes and prices of the folks on that show, and we aren't talking lead cast members either. It is sad really. It has to be a shock for some first timers to conventions but is also a known nature of the beast to those of us familiar with the cons. There are some of the kindest most awesome talent involved in these cons as well as a few of the more out of control egos I've ever had the unfortunate experience to encounter. This is one of those cases where one bad apple does not spoil the bunch, it will be justly tossed aside and make the other apples even nicer in contrast.

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