January 2, 2015

Best Horror Films I Saw in a Theater- 2014 Edition

If you were paying attention (it’s all right, I know you weren’t), you will have seen my bottom 8 horror movies witnessed in a theater. It is more than likely, if you saw it you realized how uninspiring those movies were, except maybe for The Quiet Ones, which I feel I need to revisit. On the other side of the coin we have the 8 top horror movies I sat through in a theater. It should be noted that this list is limited to new releases, if I opened it up to all I saw theatrically, you might see the likes of The Burning, Alone in the Dark, Who Could Kill a Child?, Christmas Evil, Shock Waves, Alucarda, The Beyond, and The Witch Who Came from the Sea. Yeah. I saw some cool horror in theaters. This list is limited to new releases, read on and see who made the cut only at HorrorSexy.com.

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