December 12, 2014

Who will Take the Helm of Star Trek 3?

Who is going to direct Star Trek 3? That seems to be a big question these days. Originally, Roberto Orci, who co-wrote the first two films (as well as those Transformers flicks) with his writing partner, Alex Kurtzman, was set to step out of the writer's room and direct his first feature until suddenly pulled out a little while back. Since then we have all been wondering who is going to take his place. Now, Orci is not leaving the project, he is still slated to write and produce. I can only guess that he realized he was not ready to helm a massive project like this. Good for him, we all want a good movie.

We have to know, who is going to direct it? I have been seeing headlines about a Star Trek alum wanting to return to the fold and direct the movie. Of course, some toyed with Leonard Nimoy (III, IV) and William Shatner (V), but we all knew that wasn't going to happen (although, some leaked info lists them among the stars). As it turns out, the name behind the not so well hidden mystery is Jonathan Frakes (First Contact, Insurrection). I would not be against it, although I doubt it will happen.

Frakes has reached out to JJ Abrams to express interest, while his agent has approached Paramount. I do not really see him as a fit for this new series. Still, it would be pretty cool to see his name up there. He is no stranger to directing, having helmed a number of Trek television episodes, as well as one of the best films of the series in First Contact. I suspect his familiarity and camaraderie with the Next Generation cast helped make those films work. I am not so sure he has it for this scale of project.

Honestly, the name I thought of when I saw the mysterious headlines was Nicholas Meyer. He wrote and directed two of the best entries in The Wrath of Khan and The Undiscovered Country and also wrote the once most profitable Trek film (and also quite good), The Voyage Home. It is largely his work that led to the idea that the only good Trek films were the even numbered ones (II, IV, VI).

The name I have seen on the short list is Edgar Wright. I love Wright, he has good sensibilities, a good eye, and knows how to make entertaining movies. I also suspect after his departure from Ant Man he has been looking for a high profile project to show his skills to a larger audience. His biggest movie was Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, which took in a mere $31 million. I think he would be a good choice, he has a good relationship with Simon Pegg, and would definitely be up to the task.

Time will tell where this all goes, I just hope the results are worth it.

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