December 4, 2014

Trailer Alert: Terminator - Genisys

Terminator has had quite a history. There was the classic original film from 1984 that introduced us to this frightening world, not unlike a slasher tale. Then there is the the 1991 sequel that took everything to the next level. Since then it has been something of a mixed bag. Terminator 3 was entertaining, but does not stand up to the first two. There was a television series which was getting pretty good when it was canceled. Finally there was the fourth film which had some interesting stuff but was really not so good. Now, they are trying to reboot the series with Terminator: Genisys.

I remember when they were looking to cast the new Kyle Reese (played by Anton Yelchin in Terminator: Salvation and by Michael Biehn in the original), I do not remember many names, but I was not impressed with the options. Then when the selevcion was made, I was even less enthusiastic. Jai Courtney won the role, I was not all that happy based on his lackluster turn in the recent lackluster Die Hard flick.

Now, the trailer has arrived and It looks halfway decent. I do not think it will get anywhere near the first two, but it does show some promise. I am looking forward to seeing how they mess with the timeline to create yet another version of the future.

What do you think?

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