December 8, 2014

News: Oh No! There goes Tokyo! New New Godzilla!

Yes, dear fans of the giant monster, Toho has indeed announced plans to bring back Godzilla to the big screen. It has been a decade since the screen was last graced with the man-in-suit destruction of giant monster in Godzilla: Final Wars. Plans are to shoot the movie next year with an eye on a 2016 release. How this will fit in, or not, with the recent Hollywood kickstart is yet to be seen. Still, this is definite cause for G-fans to celebrate.

Now, there has been suggestions that they may go the CGI route for the monster. Personally, I hope they stick with the man-in-suit style, that is how it began and that is how it should be. I would not be against maybe some CG touch ups to smooth stuff out or enhance what is there, but I think it still needs to be pretty evident that there is a suit actor.

Toho has even brought together a Godzi-Con of executives and producers to work on leveraging the brand. This tells me that this is more than a one off and a new series is the intention. As it should. Still, I am curious to see where it goes as this is not being done to stomp on a lame Hollywood version like Godzilla 2000 was in the wake of the disastrous Roland Emmerich picture, time will tell how they co-exist. However you want to look at it, more Godzilla is a good thing.

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