December 28, 2014

Coming to Netflix - January 2015

As Netflix commits a culling of the queue, it does give back with a slew of new offerings during the next month. Here is a list of ten movies coming over the next few weeks that may be worth spending some time with. While I am always sad to lose good stuff from my queue, they always do a pretty good job of bringing some more stuff in that I can waste some hours with. I figured since I am going to do it, perhaps I should share some of these titles with you so that others can do the same. With that said, there are some pretty good movies on the service to check out.

I will admit, the incoming list is not nearly as exciting as the outgoing list. I think the reports of incoming titles always focuses on the bigger and flashier titles, although my tastes tends towards the deeper cuts. I fully expect other titles of interest to pop up during the month. In any case, here are a few that caught my eye:

Bad Boys II. Yes, the Michael Bay movie. It has been a long time since I have seen this, but I recall loving all of its over the top excess. Despite having issues with the Transformers movies (and who doesn't?), Bay knows how to make an entertaining movie. Yes, his movies are fun, although I do kinda wish that he would make a crazy R-rated movie again. This will be in the queue, although I have the DVD around here somewhere.

Castaway. This is not a movie I feel the need to watch all that often, but it is quite a good movie. Tom Hanks manages to do a lot with very little. Besides, I think everyone needs a Wilson from time to time. Right?

Election. Here is another movie I haven't watched in awhile. Still, I have fond memories of this early Alexander Payne film starring Matthew Broderick and Reese Witherspoon. It tells of a high school presidential election where Broderick gets involved with making a more democratic election and winds up in the middle of a big mess.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Here is one that is a definite must for everyone's queues. This Terry Gilliam flick based loosely on the Hunter S. Thompson book is the definition of bizarre. It is immensely watchable and quotable and features Johnny Depp in fine form. Trust me on this one, just watch it.

Friends. I cannot claim to be the biggest fan of this show, but I do enjoy it and now you have the entire series to pick through to find your favorite episodes.

French Connection. Would you believe I have never seen this movie? This would be a good opportunity to scratch it off the list of shame. Gene Hackman in a gritty cop drama? Sounds about right.

Mean Girls. Written by Tina Fey and starrying a pre-downward spiral Lindsay Lohan, this teen comedy is actually pretty good. Just watch as Lohan navigates treacherous landscape of a high school.

Wayne's World 2. No, not as good as the first one, but still a lot of fun. Watch Wayne and Garth try to stage a massive, start studded concert, while being guided by a Jim Morrison and an Indian with no pants.

Batman and Robin. This is here just because everyone needs to see nipples on a bat suit once in awhile.

Jeepers Creepers 2. Some people seem to prefer thid to the original. I am not one of them. Still, you get to see the Creeper kill some high schoolers while you learn a bit more about its history.

The War of the Worlds. This is the 1953 original, not the Spielberg/Cruise redux. Based on the classic novel, this shows what could happen if we were invaded by Martians. On a side note, anyone ever listen to the Jeff Wayne musical version from the 1981? You should check it out, it is really quite good.

Brick Mansions. This remake of District B-13 was the last Paul Walker movie released theatrically, where it failed to find much traction. It is not a bad action movie, but it is hardly anything great. It is worth watching, but the original is better. The original was notable for its use if parkour in its action sequences.

Chef. This Jon Favreau movie is really good and will leave you hungry. A fired chef opens a food truck to regain his love for the work and reconnect with his son. It is a real feel good sort of movie that works.

That about wraps it up. Be on the look out for other new releases throughout the month!

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