October 27, 2014

NEWS: Benedict Cumberbatch Cast as Dr. Strange!

So, the big news in the comic book world today was the casting of Dr. Strange. It is a character that has had much said about in recent months as it seems different stars were being considered daily. Among the names I recall reading about were Johnny Depp, Joaquin Phoenix, David Tennant, Keanu Reeves, and I believe I recall Tom Hardy at some point. Well, the decision has been made and it is Benedict Cumberbatch. You know what? I am all right with this choice. This news comes courtesy of Deadline.

I must admit, Dr. Strange has never been a particular favorite of mine. As a matter of fact, I really do not know that much about the guy aside from him being pretty powerful and an important cog of the Marvel universe. It is going to be interesting to see what impact he has on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and how the character will be received. We have seen with Guardians of the Galaxy that they can make a hit out of little known characters and while Dr. Strange may be better known that that, he still strikes me as a largely unknown quantity in the mainstream.

With all of that said, I like the idea of Cumberbatch in the role. While Johnny Depp may really look the part, but I think that would have been stunt casting and likely resulting in a split audience(don't get me wrong, I love Depp). I think Cumberbatch has a certain presence, the way he carries himself, his voice, and his demeanor seem pretty spot on for something I can envision.

Here's to hoping they make it a good one!

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