August 12, 2014

Reviews in Retrograde: Black Dog

Critical Outcast isn't my first attempt at a website, I had a few stutter steps in the late 1990's and early 2000's. These attempts generated a whole bunch of poorly written, often very short and spoilerific reviews. I recently stumbled upon them in my archives and thought you may be interested in seeing some of these early attempts at writing. They are as they were then, I make no apologies for how bad or how short they are. Feel free to have at them with reckless abandon! I present to you: Reviews in Retrograde.

An ex-con takes a job driving a truck cross country. What he doesn't know is that the truck is filled with illegal weapons and now he must fight to survive and save his family.

What a blast. Shades of many other movies, from Smoky and the Bandit, to Mad Max, to Speed. In other words it's far from original, but fun to watch. This is what pure adrenalin movie watching is all about. I'm not saything that this is great cinema, but an enjoyable watch. As the silly story goes, Jack Crews, recently released from prison, is hired to run a truckload of stuff from Georgia to Jersey. Of course everyone wants this truck, FBI, ATF, other baddies....

And that is where the fun begins.

Once the action starts, it is non-stop and intense, car wrecks and smashes galore. Very reminiscient of those old Mad Max films with their spectacular crashes.
Kevin Sorbo (TV's Hercules, Kull the Conquerer) was originally set to star, but he got injured and was forced to pull out, to be replaced by the capable Swayze. Definitely worth a look see for you action fans.

Mildly entertaining truck driver action flick. Mild recommendation to see.

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