May 21, 2014

Music Review: Michale Graves - Supernatural

I cannot say exactly when it was that my love affair with Michale Graves began, but I can say that it is not showing any signs of slowing down or ending anywhere in the foreseeable future. This guy has become amazingly prolific over the past few years, and while each album seems to contain a mixture of new tunes and rearranged versions of prior cuts, he remains so damn intriguing. He has a voice that is just full of raw emotion. There is something about it that just captures my mind and just holds on for dear life.

The last time I was writing about Graves, I was gushing about his live Viretta Park release, which is one of my favorite live albums, and albums in general In recent memory. Now, I am here to talk a little about Supernatural, an album that contains four new tracks and seven new arrangements of cuts taken from 2013's Lost Skeleton Returns. This is an acoustic album, which, to me, is the nest way to take Graves. This album captures the emotion and power that Graves' possesses.

The acoustic arrangements really allow Graves to shine and highlights just how good his songwriting is, stripped from all but the bare minimum. The way his voice can carry emotion and feeling really doesn't need anything more. For example, listen to "Zombie," he is singing about biological weapons and it sounds lie an emotional, personal tale. It is pretty incredible getting that sort of emotional involvement for a song like that, but then move on to something like "Half Human," which is a legitimately emotional song and you see the magic of his voice.

I find that I cannot write objectively about Michale Graves. He is one of those artists that touches something inside of me, I am sure you have artists that do the same. I am glad to have gotten the opportunity to meet him and tell him that.

Supernatural is a flat out excellent album. It is not all about being emotional and deep. The album has its share of fun, look at songs like "Something Wicked," "Lost Skeleton," and "Dawn of the Dead."

Of course, it is sure to get the last laugh with the downright amazing "Straight Jacket." Here, it is presented as a piano driven piece, which simultaneously offers a different flavor from the rest of the acoustic guitar work and takes it to another level of personal involvement.

This is a release of pure enjoyment. It is involving, fun, and emotional. There really isn't anything more that you can ask for. Well, maybe for more. For as good as the album is, it feels as if it is over way too quickly. Still, if you want to listen to an artist with genuine skill and talent, be sure to spend some time with Graves.

Highly Recommended.

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