January 22, 2014

Sci Fi Invasion: The Gypsy Moon

Sometimes I have to wonder what they were thinking with some of the choices for the Sci Fi Invasion box set. I mean, yes, I am expecting a lot of bad movies, but this is getting ridiculous. Of course, I realize they are padding out the movie total with whatever public domain titles they come across that could possibly be watchable. I am also beginning to see why I took such a long break from watching movies in this set. So many bad movies. So many movies that leave me with little to really say about them. This is a good example of a title that leaves me with few thoughts.

The Gypsy Moon is not really a movie, although it was released as such. It was a syndicated science fiction television show in the mid-1950s called Rocky Jones, Space Ranger. This movie is simply three episodes of the show stitched together and released as its own piece, and that is exactly how it feels. It feels like an overly talky television show that you watch because nothing else is on, or in my case you are suffering through a box of public domain movies.

This story arc follows Rocky (Richard Crane) as he discovers a pair of worlds that are linked together by a common atmosphere. Rocky and his crew, Winky, Bobby, Vena, and Professor Newton, land on one of the planets only to learn it is at war with the other. The world's leader wants Rocky to use his superior technology to destroy the other planet. Of course, this cannot happen so Rocky goes to the other planet to try and spread some sense. Meanwhile, one of Rocky's old enemies is imitating him and trying to take down the Space Rangers. Will Rocky prevail? Is there any doubt?

What a complete and utter boor. Perhaps if I was a kid in the 50's this would have been good. As it stands, it is a bit talky and just a silly piece of fluff that really isn't worth the time. There is a lot talking about what things mean and comparisons to the book Bobby is reading (he is school age and is reading Ulysses). There is also the silly sequence where Rocky communicates with the aliens using a print out translator that is kept in two different rooms!

If you are still reading this, and why should you, there is one thing I found interesting about the show. It was shot on film rather than live as was the usual format. This means the series is able to survive and is still around now. Sure, it is a cheesy serial from the past, but it is a little bit of history. Too bad it wasn't better.

Not Recommended.

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