January 3, 2014

Outcast Mini: Grudge Match (2013)

Well, Grudge Match happened and I am glad it is over. The overlong comedy looks to pit Rocky against Raging Bull but ends up being a couple of old guys giving each other love taps. I can see how this movie would seem to be a good idea on paper, but in execution it just wasn't funny. Grudge Match is more sad and boring than anything else, a couple of stars looking to relive the success of the past. Funny, kind of like the two stars. It is nice to see Deniro doing so much work, but he hasn't done much of note lately, while Stallone's bad films get pushed while the underrated Bullet to the Head is ignored. Whatever, Grudge Match just isn't funny and I was glad when it was over.

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Dan O. said...

Some are funnier than others in this, but overall, it was a bit of a disappointing flick that tried so hard to be funny, it didn't realize it was straining itself in the process. Good review Chris.

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