November 29, 2013

Trailer: Paperboy 3 - The Hard Way

There are some people out there keeping the low budget, do it yourself, anything goes aesthetic. The results can often be spectacularly entertaining. One of those slices of awesome is this Paperboy 3: The Hard Way, a faux trailer that takes the old school paper tossing game and turns it into a full blown, grindhouse inspired revenge flick. It amps up the blood and does not skimp on the body count. This trailer came my way a couple of days ago and it seriously made my day. It is fantastic, a labor of love, and is also a movie I would want to see! It was shot entirely with practical effects and was rendered to VHS, for that authentic old school flare. There really isn't anything not to like. If you are anything like me, you will love this! Check for yourself:

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Newt Wallen said...

I wrote, produced and play paperboy in this. thank you so much for the kind words

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