November 21, 2013

Music Video: Rivers of Nihil - "A Fertile Altar" (lyric video)

Rivers of Nihil have released a lyric video for their latest single, “A Fertile Altar.” I do not know a lot about these guys, but this tune is pretty sick. From the press release: Bassist Adam Biggs elaborates on "A Fertile Altar": "Musically, this song is a bit of a nod to all of our old-school death metal influences. It's kind of a more straight-forward head banger with a bridge part perfect for fist pumping and all-round pit brutality. The lyrics were inspired by the disgusting cult actions of Warren Jeffs and his FLDS church in the early 2000's. Jeffs gained notoriety for controlling the lives of families involved with his sect and preying on their children. However, I always envisioned this song to be spoken from the point of view of a wolf. I really enjoy adding a layer of dualism within these songs." Check it out for yourself:

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