September 26, 2013

Sci Fi Invasion: Rocket Attack USA

Sometimes I have to wonder what they were thinking with some of the choices for the Sci Fi Invasion box set. I mean, yes, I am expecting a lot of bad movies, but some of them barely qualify as science fiction. Of course, I realize they are padding put the movie total with whatever public domain titles they come across that could possibly be considered as part of the genre. For example, the last film, Trapped by Television, is not a science fiction movie, but the title and the act that there is a little technology involved puts it in line.

This latest movie might fall a little closer to actually being science fiction, but it really isn't. At least the purpose of the movie was not to be a science fiction movie, although now it sort of feels like it. The movie is called Rocket Attack USA and it was made back in 1958, although all the release dates have it pegged as a 1961 release. I am not sure if it was held for those years or if the release is just wrong. At this stage of he game, I don't think it really matters.

Rocket Attack USA is a propaganda film made in the wake of Russia's launching of Sputnik. It is a Cold War film made to help foster thoughts of building missile defense. It sought to build the fear of the Soviets spying on us with Sputnik and the fear of a nuclear attack.

This movie is also one of the longest 64-minutes you will ever spend. Well, that may be a bit much, suffice to say it feels a lot longer than it is and that is not a good thing.

The film opens with the Sputnik launch and American scientists looking to track it. Once it is discovered to be crossing the United States it is determined that we need to find out what they know. It turns into a spy movie. We follow an American spy sent on a mission, undercover as a tourist. He travels in a lightly marked private plane. While in Russia he makes contact with another spy with information abut a base. He heads off to deal,with some sabotage.

I really don't have much to saw about this movie. It is not good, but I am fairly certain it was not made for anything but propaganda purposes. It is not written or acted well, it is shot in workmanlike fashion. Some of it is rather comical, some funny lines and such. I liked the blind guy asking for help during the air raid, and the woman referring to the siren as stupid.

You are missing nothing of you skip this. Nothing.

Not recommended.

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